Subject: Extrasensory perception


Books Under This Subject

Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh (1,295 copies)
Psion by Joan D. Vinge (731 copies)
Hidden Talents by David Lubar (615 copies)
The Third Eye by Lois Duncan (540 copies)
Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan (518 copies)
The China Garden by Liz Berry (505 copies)
True Talents by David Lubar (367 copies)
Premonitions by Jude Watson (359 copies)
The Haunting by Margaret Mahy (328 copies)
Celandine by Steve Augarde (243 copies)
Reunion by Kara Dalkey (147 copies)
Rocco by Sherryl Jordan (135 copies)
Dustland by Virginia Hamilton (126 copies)
Wild Talent by Wilson Tucker (124 copies)
Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde (77 copies)
Hunter by Joy Cowley (63 copies)
Midget by Tim Bowler (54 copies)
Test Your ESP by Martin Ebon (52 copies)
Mind-Hold by Wilanne Belden (28 copies)
Seeing Things by Robin Klein (26 copies)
Shatterbelt by Colin Thiele (25 copies)
Mind-Find by Wilanne Belden (23 copies)
ESP by Susy Smith (22 copies)
100 days by Partho Ghosh (2 copies)