Subject: Family Juvenile fiction


Books Under This Subject

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (19,976 copies)
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen (4,097 copies)
Sold by Patricia McCormick (2,692 copies)
100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson (2,102 copies)
Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr (1,269 copies)
Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKay (1,024 copies)
Moving Day by Meg Cabot (934 copies)
A Kiss Goodbye by Audrey Penn (894 copies)
Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox (455 copies)
Let's Eat! by Ana Zamorano (417 copies)
Red Glass by Laura Resau (350 copies)
Good Luck, Ivy by Lisa Yee (277 copies)
The Daddy Book by Todd Parr (272 copies)
Set in Stone by Linda Newbery (205 copies)
Shrek 2 by Jesse Leon McCann (186 copies)
Pond Scum by Alan Silberberg (180 copies)
Skate by Michael Harmon (166 copies)
The Braid by Helen Frost (164 copies)
Black Taxi by James Moloney (51 copies)
Frozen Billy by Anne Fine (46 copies)
Fractures by Budge Wilson (20 copies)
Shelter by Beth Cooley (17 copies)
Talk to Me by Carol Dines (11 copies)