Subject: Gay men Fiction


Gay men Fiction (651 works)

Gay men Fiction (383 works)

Books Under This Subject

Enduring Love by Ian McEwan (5,726 copies)
Three Junes by Julia Glass (4,423 copies)
Maurice by E. M. Forster (4,031 copies)
The Bell by Iris Murdoch (1,979 copies)
Sure of You by Armistead Maupin (1,740 copies)
Hero by Perry Moore (1,318 copies)
The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1,077 copies)
City of Night by John Rechy (988 copies)
Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai (793 copies)
Faggots by Larry Kramer (584 copies)
Dorian by Will Self (525 copies)
The Chosen by Ricardo Pinto (473 copies)
Tomato Red by Daniel Woodrell (467 copies)
Teleny by Oscar Wilde (460 copies)
Fadeout by Joseph Hansen (447 copies)
Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon (401 copies)
Comfort & Joy by Jim Grimsley (309 copies)
Sock by Penn Jillette (309 copies)
Martin and John by Dale Peck (295 copies)
Afterlife by Paul Monette (291 copies)
The Weekend by Peter Cameron (284 copies)
Nightswimmer by Joseph Olshan (284 copies)
Death Claims by Joseph Hansen (281 copies)
Halfway Home by Paul Monette (278 copies)
Troublemaker by Joseph Hansen (267 copies)
My Lucky Star by Joe Keenan (262 copies)
Buddies by Ethan Mordden (251 copies)
Pink Slip by Rita Ciresi (250 copies)
Goldenboy by Michael Nava (238 copies)
Skinflick by Joseph Hansen (238 copies)
Closet Case by Robert Rodi (230 copies)
Fag Hag by Robert Rodi (229 copies)
The Lure by Felice Picano (229 copies)
Numbers by John Rechy (221 copies)
How Town by Michael Nava (213 copies)
Nightwork by Joseph Hansen (209 copies)
Gravedigger by Joseph Hansen (203 copies)
Gaywyck by Vincent Virga (201 copies)
Early Graves by Joseph Hansen (197 copies)
Such Times by Christopher Coe (194 copies)
Gossip by Christopher Bram (184 copies)
Rag and Bone by Michael Nava (176 copies)
Kept Boy by Robert Rodi (175 copies)
Obedience by Joseph Hansen (166 copies)
Drag Queen by Robert Rodi (162 copies)
Better Angel by Forman Brown (157 copies)
Closet by R. D. Zimmerman (154 copies)
Totempole by Sanford Friedman (149 copies)
The Long Shot by Paul Monette (146 copies)
Frontiers by Michael Jensen (142 copies)
Boys Like Us by Peter McGehee (140 copies)
Rushes by John Rechy (139 copies)
Tribe by R. D. Zimmerman (137 copies)
The Blue Star by Robert Ferro (137 copies)
Second Son by Robert Ferro (134 copies)
Outburst by R. D. Zimmerman (133 copies)
The Catholic by David Plante (133 copies)
Man About Town by Mark Merlis (133 copies)
The Trouble Boy by Tom Dolby (132 copies)
Name Games by Michael Craft (131 copies)
My Best Man by Andy Schell (129 copies)
Radcliffe by David Storey (123 copies)
Eye Contact by Michael Craft (121 copies)
Boy Toy by Michael Craft (115 copies)
The Quirk by Gordon Merrick (111 copies)
Fool's Errand by Louis Bayard (109 copies)
Shameless by Paul Burston (107 copies)
Death's Head by Mel Keegan (103 copies)
Bitch Slap by Michael Craft (102 copies)
Sweetheart by Peter McGehee (99 copies)
Hot Spot by Michael Craft (99 copies)
Stud by Samuel M. Steward (93 copies)
Male Model by Dave Benbow (91 copies)
Gay Blades by Ben Tyler (88 copies)
Daytime Drama by Dave Benbow (86 copies)
Hot Sauce by Scott Pomfret (84 copies)
Pagan Babies by Greg Johnson (82 copies)
The Beloved Son by Jay Quinn (82 copies)
Bitch Goddess by Robert Rodi (81 copies)
Onyx by Felice Picano (79 copies)
Federal Fag by Fred Hunter (77 copies)
Torsos by John Peyton Cooke (76 copies)
Hunk House by Ben Tyler (74 copies)
Vanitas by Joseph Olshan (70 copies)
Elf Child by David M. Pierce (59 copies)
Hot Rocks by Lev Raphael (58 copies)
Uprising by Randy Boyd (58 copies)
Hard by Wayne Hoffman (58 copies)
Gaveston by Chris Hunt (57 copies)
Summer Share by Chris Kenry (56 copies)
Topsy & Evil by George Baxt (53 copies)
Arson! by Cap Iversen (48 copies)
Huddle: A Novel by Dan Boyle (48 copies)
Godlike by Richard Hell (47 copies)
Hard Men by Patrick Califia (45 copies)
Mirage by Perry Brass (45 copies)
Pussy's Bow by Neal Drinnan (44 copies)
The Hired Man by Dorien Grey (42 copies)
Close Contact by Sean Wolfe (40 copies)
Light at Dusk by Peter Gadol (32 copies)
The I Q Zoo by Peter McGehee (31 copies)
Calico by Dorien Grey (25 copies)
Safestud by Max Exander (22 copies)
Michael by Henry Flesh (20 copies)
Guilty by Sky Gilbert (20 copies)
Lightfall by Paul Monette (19 copies)
Sixteen by P.P. Hartnett (18 copies)
B.M.O.C. by Lars Eighner (17 copies)
Boundaries by Aiden Shaw (17 copies)
Toilet by Tom Woolley (15 copies)
Light Out by Nick Wood (15 copies)
Sky Daddy by Canaan Parker (11 copies)
Boy Caesar by Jeremy Reed (10 copies)
Just the Sex by Jesse Grant (10 copies)
Cock Tales by Bob Vickery (9 copies)
Mainside by Paul Mandel (5 copies)