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Narrating her life story from her elegant suite in the Waldorf Astoria(0) island influence(0) it represents a memoir of a young orphaned Japanes gilr who is destined to become a well known geisha. Appeal: Characters: Many strong chraacters that each enrich the story. 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So detailed and charming and beautiful. 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Second(0) self-discovery(0) sell attic(0) semi-autobiographical(0) semi-fiction(0) semw(0) Senior Fiction(0) Senior School Library(0) Sent to BookMooch Member(0) sent to moocher(0) sent to Sylvia & returned(0) September(0) series-standalone(0) serious(0) Serius(0) servants(0) servitude(0) set in different country(0) setting(0) setting-japan(0) setting_japan(0) sex(0) Sex & Sexuality(0) sex and gender(0) sex and gender issues(0) sex industry(0) sex slaves(0) sex trade(0) sex work(0) sex workers(0) sex workers - FT-char(0) sexism(0) sexology(0) sexuality(0) Sexuality / Sex Industry(0) sf(0) she becomes a leading geisha of the 1930s and 1940s. After the book's compelling first half(0) Shelby(0) shelf(0) shelf - book club(0) Shelf 1(0) Shelf 10A(0) Shelf 3(0) Shelf 4.3(0) Shelf 5(0) Shelf 6(0) Shelf 7(0) Shelf C: Back Row(0) Shelf:D04(0) Shelfari(0) shelfari-wishlist(0) Shelfari2(0) Shelfari3(0) Shelfari_import(0) shelfG(0) shelved(0) shelved under 'g'(0) Sherri(0) shimbashi(0) shipping(0) short stories(0) shoujo(0) should be a treat(0) should-have-washed-my-hair-instead(0) show(0) Showa(0) shunga(0) Siapan(0) Sidwell(0) Signature in Pen "Arthur Golden"(0) signe(0) signed(0) Signed Edition(0) Signed First Edition(0) signed hardcover(0) signed modern classics(0) signed/inscribed(0) silence(0) Simon(0) Sinclair's Books(0) single/divorced women(0) sister relationship(0) sisters(0) skilled courtisan(0) skönlitteratur(0) sl(0) sl4(0) slavery(0) smakprov(0) snoskred(0) social(0) social class(0) social commentary(0) Social conditions 20th Century Japan(0) social customs(0) social customs-Kyoto-Japan(0) social history(0) social life(0) Social life and customs(0) social life and customs--Asia(0) social life e costum(0) social mores(0) social studies(0) societa giapponese(0) society(0) Sociological Surveys(0) sociology(0) softcover(0) softcover edition; fiction(0) Solarium(0) sold(0) sold with her sister into slavery by their father after their mother's death(0) soldiers(0) sonia(0) souls of womenfolk(0) South Lobby-Literature(0) Southeast Asia(0) Spanish(0) Special Collections(0) spl(0) spotted(0) sr(0) Stacks: PS3557.O35926 M45 1997(0) Stacks: PS3557.O35926 M45 1997 (made into movie)(0) Staff Pick(0) Staff Picks(0) stand-alone book(0) standalone(0) started(0) Started 15th Jan 07(0) status(0) status: completed(0) status: read(0) Steven Spielberg(0) Still one of my favorite books. I've read it several times because I love the history(0) Stor(0) storage(0) storage unit(0) store_lib(0) story(0) story-of-a-life(0) straniera(0) strength(0) strikethrough reading list(0) strokovna lit.(0) strong female(0) Strong Female Lead(0) strong female protagonist(0) strong sense of place(0) strong women(0) struggle(0) struggles(0) Student Recommendation(0) studio east - bookcase 2 - shelf 1(0) study(0) Study Window(0) STW book group(0) subgenre:20th century(0) subject - people - geisha(0) Subject: asian culture(0) subservience(0) Sue(0) suffering(0) suggest to group(0) suggested(0) Summer 2004(0) Summer 2010(0) sumo(0) sumo wrestling(0) suomennettu kaunokirjallisuus(0) Suomi(0) superstition(0) survival(0) suspense(0) suspense-thriller-mystery-spy-and all other literature including poetry (to be edited later...)(0) suzybook(0) Svenska(0) swap(0) swappable(0) swapped(0) t(0) T Collection(0) T-group(0) t?(0) taal : Europese talen : Germaanse talen : Engels(0) taboo(0) tag(0) Taisho(0) takes you there(0) Tami's(0) Tanaka(0) Tanglin View(0) Tanya P(0) tape(0) tayu(0) tbr bc(0) tbr-a(0) tbr-historical-fiction(0) tbr-shakedown(0) te lezen(0) tea(0) tea ceremony(0) tea house(0) tea houses(0) teehaus(0) teehäuser(0) teen(0) teen angst(0) teen fiction(0) teen reads(0) teenagers(0) Teenreads.com Ultimate List(0) teenreads.com ultimate reading list(0) Teenreads.com's "Ultimate Teen Reading List"(0) Tennessee(0) Tennessee Author(0) Term 1 2016(0) Terri(0) textiles(0) thanks relatives(0) the beautiful geisha accomplished in the art of entertaining men(0) The Beloveds(0) the collector collector(0) The Confessions of Max Tivoli: A Novel(0) the curious incident of the dog in the(0) The Glass Menagerie(0) the greedy owners(0) the imagery and the real peek into such a different life.(0) the lord of the rigns(0) The movie's good(0) The north china lover(0) the red tent(0) the sadistically cruel head geisha. But Sayuri's chance meeting with the Chairman(0) the second half is a bit flat and overlong. Still(0) The story of a Japanese girl who is sold into slavery to become a Geisha(0) the-bbc-book-list-tbr(0) theatre(0) Theme - Japanese(0) theme: finding self(0) This book tricked me(0) this shows the true culture of Japan... i even thought it was a true story until after i finished the book and read the foreword saying it's just fiction... it's so realistic and uses the real emotions of real people..(0) Though written by Arthur Golden(0) Thought I owned this but cannot find it.(0) thought-provoking(0) thriller(0) tie-in(0) tijd : 1xxx : 19xx : 199x : 1997(0) Title: M(0) to catalog(0) to charity(0) to Connie 6-10(0) to Courtney 12-11(0) to finish(0) to RABCK(0) to-buy(0) to-re-read(0) to-read(0) to-read-in-2014(0) to-read-in-this-year(0) to-read-longlist(0) to-review(0) Tokyo(0) Tom(0) Top 10(0) Top 10 read(0) Top 100(0) top 100 books list(0) Top 100 Fiction(0) Top 20(0) top ten 1997(0) top50(0) Tote2(0) tots3(0) tpb(0) TPPL book sale(0) tr(0) trade(0) trade paperback(0) Traded(0) tradition(0) traditions(0) tragedy(0) tragic(0) tragic story(0) trailer(0) trained(0) training(0) Transferred from BornToSing.spaces.live(0) translation(0) translations(0) trav(0) travel(0) treatment of women(0) trendy(0) Trigg(0) triumph(0) triumph over childhood(0) Troy(0) trrade pb(0) true story(0) tuesdays with morrie(0) Tunquén(0) TV/Movie Tie-in(0) tw(0) type-physical-german(0) Type: Fiction(0) type: memoirs(0) történelmi(0) u(0) u.s. literature(0) U.S. Occupation of Japan(0) ugh(0) ultimate reading list - historical fiction(0) unabridged(0) uncategorised novel(0) unchecked(0) unclassified(0) undecided(0) Under Dog(0) underage sex(0) unfinished(0) Unfinished - fiction(0) unhappiness(0) unkn(0) unknown(0) unknown-year(0) unowned(0) unowned-read(0) unputdownable(0) unread(0) unread as of yet(0) unread copy(0) unread used to own(0) unread(d)(0) unread-stand-alones(0) unrequited love(0) untagged(0) update(0) upstairs(0) us(0) US 1st ed(0) US author(0) US Fiction(0) usa(0) used(0) uwclibs(0) v-read(0) v7(0) vacation book(0) vals(0) vals0092(0) Vanessa(0) verfilmde boeken(0) Veronica(0) Very enjoyable(0) very good(0) VERY INTERESTING. The book was much better than the movie!(0) vestavia library find(0) via BookMooch(0) via:joanna(0) Victoria(0) Villa Sentieri(0) vintage(0) Vintage Books(0) Vintage Contemporaries(0) Vintage; Reissue Edition(0) violence(0) virginity(0) vkn(0) vnsa(0) voice(0) Vor LT(0) vrouwenlevens(0) w(0) want(0) want to read(0) want to read/CD(0) want-to-read-but-may-not(0) wanted(0) war(0) war novel(0) wars(0) watched-the-movie(0) water trade(0) water world(0) Waterstone Top 25(0) Waterstone's Top 25(0) Waterstones Top 25 Books of the Last 25 Years Selection Winner(0) Waterstones Top 25 Books of the Year(0) waterstones-last-25-years(0) wbc0(0) wbc11(0) wbook(0) wd07(0) wealth(0) weeded(0) weeded 2014(0) weggegeben(0) well crafted and will read again(0) well written(0) well-loved books(0) Wendi(0) what a pirate likes to read(0) where she endures harsh treatment from Granny and Mother(0) which edition?(0) Whitcoull's Top 100(0) white author(0) who shows her kindness(0) why-didn-t-i-keep-this-book(0) wi(0) wife(0) wildly inaccurate but fun(0) willow world(0) Winter 2005-06(0) Winter 2013(0) wip(0) Wisconsin(0) wishlist(0) wishlist - English(0) wishlist - Japan(0) with degrees in Japanese art and history(0) withdrawn(0) wo ii(0) woman(0) Woman Novel(0) Womans POV(0) women(0) Women & Friendship(0) women & gender(0) Women - Japan(0) women - Japan - fiction(0) women and girls(0) women in history(0) Women in Japan(0) women writers(0) women's fiction(0) women's history(0) women's issues(0) women's literature(0) women's lives(0) women's lives and relationships(0) Women's Minds(0) Women's Read(0) women's sexuality(0) women's studies(0) women--Japan(0) women-japan(0) women-s(0) Women>Japan>Fiction(0) womens(0) womyn's issues(0) wonderful prose(0) Wonderfully descriptions of Japan and a way of life unimaginable. Very well written. Good book(0) wordfile(0) wording(0) work(0) work of art(0) world(0) world culture(0) world cultures(0) world fiction(0) world history(0) world literature(0) World War(0) world_lit(0) written by a man(0) wrong publication date(0) wrong publisher(0) wspomnienia(0) wwi(0) wwii(0) WWII fiction(0) WWII in fiction(0) WWII World War II(0) x(0) Xanth(0) xllibris(0) xown(0) Xris(0) xx(0) XXe et XXIe(0) xxi(0) xxx(0) y4(0) ya(0) yard sale(0) yard sales 9/9/06(0) Year 1(0) Year 10(0) Year 10 Recommended Reading(0) Year 9 Recommended Reading(0) Years 11 - 12(0) yhdysvaltalainen kirjallisuus(0) yoroido(0) you must read this(0) young(0) young adult(0) young adult fiction(0) young girl(0) young woman(0) Your library(0) zb2003(0) zfbue(0) zgbc(0) zgodovinski roman(0) Zhang Ziyi(0) zr2005(0) {cover-member(0) ~(0) ~ box#10(0) ~(A Large Size Paperback Edition.)(0) ~acquired 2011 or before(0) ~ba(0) ~cvr~(0) ~edn~(0) ~edt~(0) ~g4(0) ~print:MMPB(0) ~tag~(0) ~~CH:1001 books(0) Ísl(0) ε(0) Литература США(0) Романы Повести Рассказы(0) Художественная(0) วรรณกรรม(0) ≥40 global ratings(0) 日本文化(0)

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