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Generals (34 works)

Generals Drama (6 works)

Generals Drama (4 works)

Generals Fiction (63 works)

Generals Fiction (38 works)

Generals Germany (5 works)

Generals Germany (4 works)

Generals Rome (2 works)

Books Under This Subject

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card (11,185 copies)
The Enemy by Lee Child (4,746 copies)
Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara (3,011 copies)
The Persian Boy by Mary Renault (2,240 copies)
Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault (2,110 copies)
Caesar by Colleen McCullough (1,406 copies)
Plan of Attack by Dale Brown (494 copies)
Traveller by Richard Adams (433 copies)
Stonewall by Jean Fritz (378 copies)
Hannibal by Ernle Bradford (357 copies)
Hannibal by Ross Leckie (252 copies)
Wallenstein by Golo Mann (180 copies)
Rommel by Ronald Lewin (168 copies)
Conqueror by David Drake (142 copies)
Warlord by David Drake (135 copies)
Monash by Roland Perry (90 copies)
Grant Speaks by Ev Ehrlich (74 copies)
Garibaldi by Jasper Ridley (63 copies)
Tojo by Courtney Browne (48 copies)
Yamashita by A. J. Barker (32 copies)
Julius Caesar by Roger Bruns (20 copies)
Caesar by Mirko Jelusich (15 copies)
The Victors by Peter Young (14 copies)
Julius Caesar by Rex Warner (13 copies)
Cross-Fire by Cliff Farrell (11 copies)
Porfirio by Enrique Krauze (8 copies)