Subject: Germany Fiction


Books Under This Subject

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (13,172 copies)
The Tin Drum by Günter Grass (7,449 copies)
Map of Bones by James Rollins (2,934 copies)
A Legacy by Sybille Bedford (558 copies)
Kepler by John Banville (495 copies)
Hart's War by John Katzenbach (463 copies)
The Fifth Son by Elie Wiesel (390 copies)
The Dark Arena by Mario Puzo (284 copies)
1901 by Robert Conroy (263 copies)
The Black Swan by Thomas Mann (258 copies)
Caliphate by Tom Kratman (252 copies)
Clara by Janice Galloway (208 copies)
Gaglow by Esther Freud (204 copies)
Longing by J.D. Landis (151 copies)
Mr. Noon by D. H. Lawrence (148 copies)
Faust by Robert Nye (78 copies)
Nosferatu by Jim Shepard (68 copies)
The Ninth Man by John Lee (41 copies)
Psyche by Peter Michalos (21 copies)
Eva by Ib Melchior (15 copies)