Subject: Ghosts


Ghosts (74 works)

Ghosts Alaska (1 work)

Ghosts Alberta (2 works)

Ghosts Alberta (1 work)

Ghosts Amityville (634 works)

Ghosts Arizona (1 work)

Ghosts Australia (3 works)

Ghosts Australia (1 work)

Ghosts Borley (2 works)

Ghosts Boston (1 work)

Ghosts California (2 works)

Ghosts Canada (4 works)

Ghosts Canada (2 works)

Ghosts Chicago (2 works)

Ghosts Colorado (1 work)

Ghosts Delaware (1 work)

Ghosts Drama (3 works)

Ghosts Drama (3 works)

Ghosts England (1 work)

Ghosts England (1 work)

Ghosts Europe (1 work)

Ghosts Fiction (242 works)

Ghosts Fiction (182 works)

Ghosts Florida (1 work)

Ghosts Folklore (11 works)

Ghosts Folklore (8 works)

Ghosts Georgia (2 works)

Ghosts Georgia (1 work)

Ghosts Gettysburg (3 works)

Ghosts Gravesend (1 work)

Ghosts Greece (1 work)

Ghosts Hawaii (3 works)

Ghosts Hawaii (1 work)

Ghosts Iceland (1 work)

Ghosts Ireland (5 works)

Ghosts Ireland (4 works)

Ghosts Japan (1 work)

Ghosts Kentucky (3 works)

Ghosts London (1 work)

Books Under This Subject

Second Glance by Jodi Picoult (3,367 copies)
Black Rose by Nora Roberts (2,923 copies)
Ninth Key by Meg Cabot (1,854 copies)
Twilight by Meg Cabot (1,711 copies)
The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint (1,597 copies)
Kit's Wilderness by David Almond (1,177 copies)
The Seer of Shadows by Avi (1,047 copies)
Another World by Pat Barker (944 copies)
Dial-a-Ghost by Eva Ibbotson (931 copies)
Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley (891 copies)
Something Upstairs by Avi (759 copies)
Georgie by Robert Bright (436 copies)
Lily's Ghosts by Laura Ruby (419 copies)
The Afterlife by Gary Soto (418 copies)
Story Time by Edward Bloor (382 copies)
The Boyfriend by R. L. Stine (364 copies)
Ghost Ship by Dietlof Reiche (233 copies)
Agnes Cecilia by Maria Gripe (221 copies)
Ghost cat by Beverly Butler (172 copies)
Jane-Emily by Patricia Clapp (167 copies)
The Invisible by Mats Wahl (150 copies)
Old Devil Wind by Bill Martin (131 copies)
Ghost Abbey by Robert Westall (119 copies)
Little Ghost by Vivian French (117 copies)
Ghost Hotel by Larry Weinberg (111 copies)
Weird Illinois by Troy Taylor (109 copies)
The Window by Jeanette Ingold (106 copies)
Mostly Ghostly by Steven Zorn (104 copies)
Sightings by Susan Michaels (90 copies)
Cattail Moon by Jean Thesman (74 copies)
Yankee Ghosts by Hans Holzer (61 copies)
Eglantine by Catherine Jinks (53 copies)
Restless by Rich Wallace (52 copies)
Ghost Brother by C. S. Adler (38 copies)
Graveyard Girl by Anna Myers (30 copies)
Cougar by Helen V. Griffith (23 copies)
Mine! by Mathilde Stein (21 copies)
Follow Me by Mary Beth Bass (20 copies)
The Pits by Lesley Howarth (19 copies)
Scrooge by Elaine Donaldson (16 copies)
Ghosts by Seymour Simon (16 copies)
Black ice by Lucy Sussex (15 copies)
A Twist in Time by Jean Ure (10 copies)