Subject: Graphic novels


Graphic novels (802 works)

Graphic novels (608 works)

Graphic Novels (241 works)

Graphic novels. (4 works)

Books Under This Subject

Watchmen by Alan Moore (18,857 copies)
V for Vendetta by Alan Moore (10,244 copies)
Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (6,161 copies)
Batman: Year One by Frank Miller (4,010 copies)
The Arrival by Shaun Tan (3,869 copies)
Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman (3,416 copies)
Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison (2,771 copies)
Black Hole by Charles Burns (2,657 copies)
300 by Frank Miller (1,936 copies)
Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi (1,883 copies)
Mr. Punch by Neil Gaiman (1,628 copies)
Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar (1,600 copies)
City of Glass by Paul Auster (1,413 copies)
Lost Girls by Alan Moore (1,339 copies)
The Keep by F. Paul Wilson (1,294 copies)
Epileptic by David B. (1,198 copies)
Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine (1,053 copies)
David Boring by Daniel Clowes (1,020 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 1 by CLAMP (966 copies)
What It Is by Lynda Barry (909 copies)
Rose by Jeff Smith (863 copies)
Chobits, Volume 2 by CLAMP (795 copies)
Chobits, Volume 3 by CLAMP (734 copies)
Laika by Nick Abadzis (705 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 2 by CLAMP (695 copies)
Chobits, Volume 1 by CLAMP (694 copies)
Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes (683 copies)
Plan B by Sharon Lee (659 copies)
Chobits, Volume 4 by CLAMP (632 copies)
Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan (621 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 3 by CLAMP (601 copies)
Chobits, Volume 5 by CLAMP (589 copies)
Beowulf by Gareth Hinds (561 copies)
Chobits, Volume 6 by CLAMP (560 copies)
Chobits, Volume 8 by CLAMP (555 copies)
Mars, Vol. 1 by Soryo Fuyumi (553 copies)
Chobits, Volume 7 by CLAMP (545 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 4 by CLAMP (543 copies)
Wish, Vol. 1 by CLAMP (540 copies)
FLCL, Volume 1 by Gainax (508 copies)
La Perdida by Jessica Abel (506 copies)
Orbiter by Warren Ellis (457 copies)
Caricature by Daniel Clowes (440 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 8 by CLAMP (407 copies)
Emma, Volume 1 by Kaoru Mori (398 copies)
Mars, Vol. 2 by Soryo Fuyumi (388 copies)
Mars, Vol. 4 by Soryo Fuyumi (367 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 9 by CLAMP (364 copies)
Mars, Vol. 5 by Soryo Fuyumi (357 copies)
Batman: Year 100 by Paul Pope (352 copies)
Mars, Vol. 6 by Soryo Fuyumi (348 copies)
Smax by Alan Moore (347 copies)
Kampung Boy by Lat (340 copies)
The Quitter by Harvey Pekar (333 copies)
A Small Killing by Alan Moore (325 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 11 by CLAMP (320 copies)
Life Sucks by Jessica Abel (317 copies)
Tricked by Alex Robinson (307 copies)
xXxHoLic, Volume 12 by CLAMP (298 copies)
Wimbledon Green by Seth (291 copies)
Shirahime Syô by CLAMP (288 copies)
Sloth by Gilbert Hernandez (285 copies)
Vampire Loves by Joann Sfar (284 copies)
Whiteout: Melt by Greg Rucka (264 copies)
Good-Bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (258 copies)
Mom's Cancer by Brian Fies (245 copies)
Emma, Volume 2 by Kaoru Mori (237 copies)
Apollo's Song by Osamu Tezuka (237 copies)
The Left Bank Gang by Jason (236 copies)
Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope (231 copies)
100% by Paul Pope (225 copies)
Aria, Vol. 1 by Kozue Amano (217 copies)
Potential by Ariel Schrag (202 copies)
Lovecraft by Hans Rodionoff (198 copies)
Nat Turner by Kyle Baker (192 copies)
Dropsie Avenue by Will Eisner (191 copies)
The Playboy by Chester Brown (190 copies)
Suki, Volume 1 by CLAMP (181 copies)
5 Songs by Gipi (179 copies)
The Originals by Dave Gibbons (179 copies)
The One I Love by CLAMP (178 copies)
Aria, Vol. 2 by Kozue Amano (163 copies)
Yossel by Joe Kubert (153 copies)
Bus Gamer by Kazuya Minekura (146 copies)
The Life Eaters by David Brin (141 copies)
Fire by Brian Michael Bendis (136 copies)
Jack the Ripper by Rick Geary (135 copies)
Breaking Up by Aimee Friedman (133 copies)
Grease Monkey by Tim Eldred (130 copies)
El Borbah by Charles Burns (129 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 7 by CLAMP (126 copies)
Spent by Joe Matt (126 copies)
Gray Horses by Hope Larson (125 copies)
Aria, Vol. 3 by Kozue Amano (122 copies)
Mad Man's Drum by Lynd Ward (117 copies)
Metropolis by Osamu Tezuka (115 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 9 by CLAMP (114 copies)
2 Sisters by Matt Kindt (114 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 10 by CLAMP (112 copies)
CLAMP: South Side by CLAMP (112 copies)
CLAMP: North Side by CLAMP (110 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 8 by CLAMP (107 copies)
Ship of Stone by Enki Bilal (106 copies)
2024 by Ted Rall (101 copies)
Punch!, Vol. 2 by Rie Takada (93 copies)
Can't Get No by Rick Veitch (92 copies)
Punch!, Vol. 3 by Rie Takada (86 copies)
WitchCraft by James Robinson (80 copies)
Dumped by Andi Watson (77 copies)
Rebirth, Vol. 1 by Woo (77 copies)
House by Josh Simmons (73 copies)
Batman: Legacy by Alan Grant (67 copies)
Banana Sunday by Paul Tobin (66 copies)
Angel by Erica Sakurazawa (64 copies)
Reload/Mek by Warren Ellis (59 copies)
Kwaidan by Jung (56 copies)
Click 4 by Milo Manara (54 copies)
Melinda by Neil Gaiman (54 copies)
Carapaces by Luc Schuiten (54 copies)
Little Star by Andi Watson (51 copies)
Definition by Ariel Schrag (50 copies)
War Fix by Steve Olexa (47 copies)
Shadowland by Kim Deitch (45 copies)
Sequence by Ryo Saenagi (44 copies)
Oz by Christopher Golden (42 copies)
Brownsville by Neil Kleid (42 copies)
Tiny Giants by Nate Powell (41 copies)
Rizelmine by Yukiru Sugisaki (40 copies)
Cheat by Christine Norrie (39 copies)
Trailers by Mark Kneece (38 copies)
Egg Story by J. Marc Schmidt (36 copies)
Dog Moon by Robert Hunter (34 copies)
Scandalous by J. Torres (30 copies)
Rebirth Volume 19 by Woo (28 copies)
Rebirth Volume 21 by Woo (27 copies)
Rebirth Volume 20 by Woo (27 copies)
Double Time by Peter David (24 copies)
Hwy 115 by Matthias Lehmann (24 copies)
Werewolf by Richard Corben (24 copies)
Foodboy by Carol Swain (22 copies)
Guilty by Karl Stevens (18 copies)
Ada Lee by Jack Munroe (10 copies)
Versus by Marv Wolfman (1 copies)
Mome (1 copies)