Subject: Great Britain Kings and rulers Biography


Books Under This Subject

The Royals by Kitty Kelley (679 copies)
Elizabeth I by J. E. Neale (503 copies)
Henry II by W. L. Warren (365 copies)
King John by W. L. Warren (255 copies)
Edward I by Michael Prestwich (212 copies)
George VI by Sarah Bradford (177 copies)
Richard II by Nigel Saul (172 copies)
Henry VII by S. B. Chrimes (169 copies)
William Rufus by Frank Barlow (165 copies)
Richard III by Michael Hicks (149 copies)
Henry VIII by Jasper Ridley (144 copies)
Richard I by John Gillingham (123 copies)
King George V by Kenneth Rose (105 copies)
George I by Ragnhild Hatton (97 copies)
Henry VI by Bertram Wolffe (80 copies)
James II by John Miller (78 copies)
Edward VI by Jennifer Loach (77 copies)
George IV by E. A. Smith (75 copies)
The Tudors by Josephine Ross (45 copies)
The Stuarts by John Miller (33 copies)
Charles I by Richard Cust (32 copies)
Henry VII by Sean Cunningham (31 copies)
King James by Pauline Croft (23 copies)
Edward IV by Michael Hicks (15 copies)
James II by Jock Haswell (14 copies)