Subject: Heads of state


Heads of state (7 works)

Books Under This Subject

Adolf Hitler by John Toland (1,121 copies)
Caesar by Christian Meier (791 copies)
Hitler by Joachim C. Fest (772 copies)
Mao: A Life by Philip Short (347 copies)
Mussolini by Denis Mack Smith (288 copies)
Julius Caesar by John Gunther (240 copies)
Hitler by Albert Marrin (228 copies)
Memoirs by Mikhail Gorbachev (136 copies)
Mao for Beginners by Rius (128 copies)
The Eyewitness by Ernst Weiss (108 copies)
Lenin by Leon Trotsky (91 copies)
Caesar by Irwin Isenberg (81 copies)
Castro by Sebastian Balfour (49 copies)
Dubcek by William Shawcross (32 copies)
Mao by Michael Lynch (25 copies)
Julius Caesar by Roger Bruns (21 copies)
Deng Xiaoping by Uli Franz (15 copies)
Caesar by Mirko Jelusich (15 copies)
Julius Caesar by Rex Warner (13 copies)
Mao by Peter Carter (7 copies)
Gorbachev by A. S. Grachev (1 copies)