Subject: Holocaust survivors


Books Under This Subject

Exodus by Leon Uris (4,082 copies)
Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald (3,987 copies)
Dawn by Élie Wiesel (1,683 copies)
The Reawakening by Primo Levi (1,238 copies)
Live Bait by P. J. Tracy (1,141 copies)
Total Recall by Sara Paretsky (1,036 copies)
Day by Elie Wiesel (926 copies)
The Victim by Saul Bellow (843 copies)
Twilight by Elie Wiesel (420 copies)
Anna Is Still Here by Ida Vos (333 copies)
The Forgotten by Elie Wiesel (303 copies)
Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy (291 copies)
Nightfather by Carl Friedman (184 copies)
Jack & Rochelle by Jack Sutin (161 copies)
To Life by Ruth Minsky Sender (115 copies)
War Story by Gwen Edelman (68 copies)
Live Bodies by Maurice Gee (68 copies)
Berlin Wild by Elly Welt (60 copies)
Ester's Child by Jean Sasson (58 copies)
Chasing Shadows by Hugo Gryn (50 copies)
Flying Lessons by Nava Semel (29 copies)
Mešuge by Emily Mann (9 copies)
Auschwitz by Laurence Rees (2 copies)