Subject: Homosexuality


Homosexuality (171 works)

Books Under This Subject

Enduring Love by Ian McEwan (5,752 copies)
Death in Venice by Thomas Mann (5,256 copies)
Hero by Perry Moore (1,321 copies)
Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez (1,137 copies)
Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez (702 copies)
Totally Joe by James Howe (686 copies)
Rainbow Road by Alex Sanchez (553 copies)
Wide Awake by David Levithan (456 copies)
Jack by A. M. Homes (424 copies)
Freak Show by James St. James (423 copies)
The God Box by Alex Sanchez (419 copies)
Corydon by André Gide (338 copies)
Getting It by Alex Sanchez (298 copies)
M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou (242 copies)
Peter by Kate Walker (202 copies)
Finistere by Fritz Peters (174 copies)
Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge (143 copies)
Gravitation by Jun Lennon (123 copies)
Tricks by Renaud Camus (122 copies)
Talk by Kathe Koja (104 copies)
Queer by Simon Gage (100 copies)
Eagle Kite by Paula Fox (84 copies)
Nothing Pink by Mark Hardy (83 copies)
Gay Comics by Robert Triptow (82 copies)
Gravel Queen by Tea Benduhn (75 copies)
Neons by Denis Belloc (60 copies)
Gay by Morton Hunt (49 copies)
Jerome by William Taylor (47 copies)
Gay Cosmos by Lars Eighner (17 copies)
Greek love by J. Z. Eglinton (15 copies)
The white paper (2 copies)