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Horses (113 works)

horses (105 works)

Horses Anatomy (3 works)

Horses Anatomy (1 work)

Horses Anecdotes (6 works)

Horses Anecdotes (2 works)

Horses Australia (2 works)

Horses Behavior (17 works)

Horses Behavior (11 works)

Horses Behaviour (1 work)

Horses Breeding (8 works)

Horses Breeding (1 work)

Horses Color (2 works)

Horses Diseases (10 works)

Horses Diseases (8 works)

Horses Drama (1 work)

Horses Fiction (232 works)

horses Fiction (206 works)

Horses Fiction (165 works)

Horses Folklore (32 works)

Horses Folklore (14 works)

Horses Genetics (1 work)

Horses Grooming (2 works)

Horses Grooming (3 works)

Horses Handling (1 work)

Horses Handling (1 work)

Horses Health (6 works)

Books Under This Subject

Arthur & George by Julian Barnes (4,823 copies)
War Horse by Michael Morpurgo (3,579 copies)
National Velvet by Enid Bagnold (2,255 copies)
My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara (2,231 copies)
Equus by Peter Shaffer (2,094 copies)
Meet Kaya by Janet Beeler Shaw (1,568 copies)
Black Gold by Marguerite Henry (1,026 copies)
The Blind Colt by Glen Rounds (718 copies)
Thunderhead by Mary O'Hara (615 copies)
Man O'War by Walter Farley (606 copies)
Mrs. Mack by Patricia Polacco (491 copies)
Traveller by Richard Adams (440 copies)
Cowardly Clyde by Bill Peet (391 copies)
Barney's Horse by Syd Hoff (330 copies)
Mustang Moon by Terri Farley (305 copies)
Firehorse by Diane Lee Wilson (283 copies)
Dark Sunshine by Terri Farley (220 copies)
Flip by Wesley Dennis (213 copies)
Horses by Seymour Simon (213 copies)
Stolen Pony by Glen Rounds (191 copies)
Horses! by Gail Gibbons (179 copies)
Spirit Horse by Ned Ackerman (158 copies)
Sky Dogs by Jane Yolen (150 copies)
Horses (DK Pockets) by DK (130 copies)
Golden Ghost by Terri Farley (109 copies)
Sugaring by Jessie Haas (95 copies)
Rain Dance by Terri Farley (91 copies)
Fly-by-night by K. M. Peyton (87 copies)
Secret Star by Terri Farley (84 copies)
Mystic Horse by Paul Goble (77 copies)
Wind Rider by Susan Williams (66 copies)
Scarlet Royal by Anne Emery (62 copies)
Dark Horse by John Fischer (59 copies)
Sand by Will James (56 copies)
Little Arliss by Fred Gipson (42 copies)
Horse by Malachy Doyle (41 copies)
The Dark Horse by Will James (38 copies)
Jigsaw Pony by Jessie Haas (36 copies)
Star by Jo Ann Simon (36 copies)
Horsefly by Alice Hoffman (35 copies)
Moon Shadow by Chris Platt (33 copies)
Cougar by Helen V. Griffith (23 copies)
Flying Changes by Lynn Hall (21 copies)
Buck, Wild by Glenn Balch (20 copies)
Seneca by Karen Lee Baker (20 copies)
Foxhunt! by Alison Hart (17 copies)
City horse by Jack Demuth (11 copies)
Dead Horses by Pat Hewitt (9 copies)
The saddle horse (1 copies)