Subject: Indians of North America Fiction


Books Under This Subject

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich (3,825 copies)
Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko (3,447 copies)
Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore (2,964 copies)
Flight by Sherman Alexie (1,645 copies)
Zia by Scott O'Dell (1,637 copies)
Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie (1,384 copies)
Grimus by Salman Rushdie (895 copies)
Sacajawea by Joseph Bruchac (865 copies)
Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry (778 copies)
Moon Music by Faye Kellerman (778 copies)
Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson (724 copies)
Guests by Michael Dorris (572 copies)
Bearstone by Will Hobbs (549 copies)
Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac (486 copies)
Nightwing by Marin Cruz Smith (422 copies)
Sweetgrass by Jan Hudson (323 copies)
The Big Wander by Will Hobbs (272 copies)
Paper Rose by Diana Palmer (247 copies)
Power by Linda Hogan (218 copies)
Jim & Me by Dan Gutman (209 copies)
Cry Dance by Kirk Mitchell (193 copies)
Winterkill by Craig Lesley (185 copies)
Saturnalia by Paul Fleischman (162 copies)
Sky Dogs by Jane Yolen (152 copies)
Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell (150 copies)
Gray Magic by Sarah Dreher (149 copies)
Echohawk by Lynda Durrant (137 copies)
Q Road by Bonnie Jo Campbell (124 copies)
Little Chief by Syd Hoff (116 copies)
Tallchief by Sharon Sala (112 copies)
Fox Song by Joseph Bruchac (83 copies)
Warpath by Tony Daniel (77 copies)
Roofwalker by Susan Power (74 copies)
The Hiawatha by David Treuer (72 copies)
Scars by W. P. Kinsella (72 copies)
Storm Riders by Craig Lesley (67 copies)
Buffalo Dreams by Kim Doner (55 copies)
Redemption by Julie Chibbaro (43 copies)
Powwow by Linda Coombs (30 copies)
The Country by David Plante (25 copies)
Brother Moose by Betty Levin (23 copies)
The Family by David Plante (21 copies)
Chancers by Gerald Vizenor (16 copies)
Hawk Eye by David Cory (4 copies)