Subject: Intelligence officers


Books Under This Subject

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (19,725 copies)
Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy (4,811 copies)
Spook Country by William Gibson (4,702 copies)
Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming (3,440 copies)
Moonraker by Ian Fleming (3,169 copies)
Thunderball by Ian Fleming (2,960 copies)
Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn (2,349 copies)
Memorial Day by Vince Flynn (2,271 copies)
Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (2,246 copies)
The Game by Laurie R. King (2,115 copies)
Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn (2,030 copies)
Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva (1,958 copies)
The Messenger by Daniel Silva (1,855 copies)
Prince of Fire by Daniel Silva (1,816 copies)
Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly (1,459 copies)
SilverFin by Charlie Higson (1,435 copies)
The Last Patriot by Brad Thor (1,411 copies)
The Company by Robert Littell (1,259 copies)
The Altman Code by Robert Ludlum (1,083 copies)
Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods (1,040 copies)
True Honor by Dee Henderson (923 copies)
Bad Company by Jack Higgins (649 copies)
Remote Control by Andy McNab (630 copies)
Assassin by Ted Bell (623 copies)
Spy by Ted Bell (613 copies)
Without Mercy by Jack Higgins (591 copies)
Crisis Four by Andy McNab (578 copies)
Pirate by Ted Bell (574 copies)
Dark Justice by Jack Higgins (561 copies)
Tsar by Ted Bell (537 copies)
The Cleaner by Brett Battles (528 copies)
The Traitor by Stephen Coonts (528 copies)
Firewall by Andy McNab (516 copies)
Rough Justice by Jack Higgins (474 copies)
Slow Decay by Andy Lane (436 copies)
Liberation Day by Andy McNab (424 copies)
Legends by Robert Littell (359 copies)
Old Boys by Charles McCarry (295 copies)
Fade by Kyle Mills (277 copies)
The Sisters by Robert Littell (241 copies)
Old Flames by John Lawton (215 copies)
Doctor Frigo by Eric Ambler (209 copies)
Riptide by John Lawton (206 copies)
Hopscotch by Brian Garfield (177 copies)
Ah, Treachery! by Ross Thomas (153 copies)
The Shell Game by Steve Alten (137 copies)
Mad Dogs by James Grady (122 copies)
The Memory Room by C. J. Koch (118 copies)
Quiller Bamboo by Adam Hall (115 copies)
Flash House by Aimee Liu (103 copies)
Quiller Meridian by Adam Hall (101 copies)
Overworld by Larry J. Kolb (94 copies)
Echelon by Josh Conviser (93 copies)
Facing Fear by Gennita Low (84 copies)
Purple Dots by Jim Lehrer (81 copies)
The Watchmen by John Altman (81 copies)
Legacy by Alan Judd (56 copies)
Top Hook by Gordon Kent (54 copies)
Sunflower by Marilyn Sharp (54 copies)
No Entry by Manning Coles (52 copies)
On the Run by Philip Agee (46 copies)
Spyworld by Mike Frost (43 copies)
The Last Spy by Bob Reiss (42 copies)
Fire Hawk by Geoffrey Archer (36 copies)
Acid Test by Ross LaManna (34 copies)
Spymaster by William J. West (20 copies)
Havoc by R. J. Pineiro (18 copies)
Exit Alpha by Clinton Smith (16 copies)
Take Dead Aim by Don Wade (11 copies)
Duty free by Manning Coles (9 copies)