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Jesus Christ (111 works)

Jesus Christ Art (67 works)

Books Under This Subject

Caesar and Christ by Will Durant (1,653 copies)
King Jesus by Robert Graves (653 copies)
The Lord by Romano Guardini (603 copies)
Crucifixion by Martin Hengel (352 copies)
Jesus the Jew by Géza Vermes (331 copies)
Jesus by David Flusser (225 copies)
Rabboni by W. Phillip Keller (191 copies)
Jesus by Brian Wildsmith (146 copies)
An Hour With Jesus by None (107 copies)
Jesus by Charles Guignebert (48 copies)
Pilate's Wife by H.D. (42 copies)
Only Son by Walter Farrell (27 copies)
Jesus by Leon Morris (7 copies)