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It is a story about hiding Jewish children. The twist in this story which may be different from other stories like it is that children have to be clever and crafty in protecting the Jewish children and not the adults. 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Sad story and the woman's marriage also ends. Also about her decision as a 45 (0) Intro to Author(0) Intro to World Cultures(0) invasion(0) Irma(0) Isaac(0) ISKfall09order(0) isola storia A5(0) Israel(0) Israel (state)(0) Israel C20th-21st - nationalism & racism(0) Israeli History(0) Italian(0) Italian literature(0) Italy(0) iTunes(0) iwol(0) j(0) J 940.43 Rot(0) j 940.53 bis(0) j fic ben(0) J FIC H64s 1995 Ages 9-12(0) J FIC Hoe(0) J Fic M(0) J FIC Mor(0) j fic pol(0) J'ai Lu(0) J.K. 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COVER TYPE: Soft ISBN: 0-14-03176-2(0) terrorizing it(0) text to self(0) Text-to-World Connections(0) textbook(0) the author tries to find a 15 year old girl trying to escape Nazi reprisals. He traces her to Auschwitz and is forced to confront his own family history. (Living room-square table)(0) The Brookfield Library Teen Collection(0) The Centerpoint Volume 4 issue 13 Number 1(0) The Diary of a Young Girl(0) the fate of the french jews(0) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society(0) the Reader(0) The Sun Also Rises(0) the two become friends(0) The Virgin Blue(0) the-321(0) Theme 9(0) Theology(0) they are discovered(0) Thinking of Others(0) Thinking talk(0) Third Grade Reading(0) Third Reich(0) This book is about a girl during the Holocaust. This is a great non-fiction book and can be used to tell some history.(0) This is a story of courage and ever lasting friendship during World War II. This is a great book to use in a social studies lesson.(0) threadless box(0) three men(0) three points of view(0) three timelines(0) thriller(0) Thucydides [ThoukudídÄ“s] c460-c411/395 BCE(0) time(0) time travel(0) tioli(0) Title(0) tnd(0) to Jenn Sonlight K(0) to read?(0) to sell(0) to-buy(0) to-read(0) to-read-nonfiction(0) to-read-own(0) to-review(0) To:BethPotter(0) To:BettyKurz(0) To:BrandiBates(0) To:CyndiRichardson(0) To:JessicaBrammer(0) To:KarenHall(0) To:LisaGeromette(0) To:RebekahConklin(0) To:SharonMercer(0) Tod(0) tog(0) tog 4(0) tog y4(0) TOG Y4 Classic(0) tog y4u2(0) tog y4u3(0) TOG Year 4(0) TOG Year 4 (edit)(0) tog yr4(0) tog3(0) tolerance(0) Tolerance and Acceptance(0) Tom & Margaret's library(0) tone(0) Top 15 2015(0) Top 350(0) Topic: Compassion and Honesty(0) Topic: Courage and Honor(0) Topic: Families and Social Structures(0) Topic: Holocaust(0) Topic: Jewish Life(0) Topic: Life Cycles(0) Topic: Religions(0) Topic: Wars(0) Topic: WWII(0) torture(0) Torture and Genocide(0) tp(0) tpl(0) Tracy Chevalier(0) trade(0) trade paperback(0) trade paperback from ST(0) Traded(0) tragedy(0) translated(0) translated by Donatella Cerutti Pini(0) translation(0) trauma(0) treason(0) trial(0) trouvère(0) true story(0) try(0) Tuscany(0) tween(0) Twenty and Ten is a novella(0) twenty French children were brought to a refuge in the mountains. One day a young man came to their school with a request: Could they take in(0) Two friends that are seprated by war(0) two narrators(0) two time periods(0) twtm(0) tx 1503(0) Type: picture book intermediate(0) tyranny(0) témoignage(0) u(0) u2(0) uc(0) UChicago(0) ug(0) uk(0) uk 21st century fiction(0) UK literature(0) ul(0) unbelievably wonderful(0) uncorrected proof(0) Under the bed(0) under the title: 'The dream of Scipio'(0) Underground movements(0) Understanding different people(0) unfinished(0) Unit 2(0) unlikeable characters(0) unowned(0) unread(0) unread nonfiction(0) unsure(0) until(0) up(0) upper elementary(0) Upper Grammar(0) upper years(0) upstairs(0) URJ Middle School list(0) us(0) usa(0) USA (New York)(0) used(0) used-to-own(0) utter crap(0) v(0) v4.3(0) vainot(0) Vanessa April 28(0) Vel d'Hiv(0) Vel D'Hiv roundup(0) Vel' d'Hiv WWII Vichy(0) Vel'd'Hiv' roundup fiction(0) Velodrome(0) velodrome dhiver(0) verbal images(0) verdriet(0) verhoef(0) verhuizing(0) Veritas(0) Veritas 2-3(0) Veritas 6(0) Veritas Press(0) very moving(0) verzoeking(0) vf(0) vhf(0) viaggio nella memoria(0) Vichy(0) vichy collaboration(0) Vichy France(0) Vichy government(0) video(0) village(0) Vine(0) virtue ethics(0) visualizing(0) vluchteling(0) vocabulary(0) volumi(0) volumi letti(0) vp(0) vp5-29(0) VRead(0) vrede(0) vrije tijd(0) vrouwenleven(0) Vuxenbok(0) w w ii(0) w12(0) w15(0) w16(0) waargebeurd(0) Waargebeurd verhaal(0) wanhoop(0) want(0) want to read(0) wanted(0) war(0) War & Military(0) war crimes(0) war fiction(0) war stories(0) War Through the Generations challenge(0) War | World War II(0) War-Nazi(0) War-WWII(0) War/History(0) War; WW1(0) wars(0) Was Donated(0) Washington Post Best of Year(0) watercolor(0) watercolor & pencil(0) wbc8(0) wbi(0) wbj(0) we need diverse books(0) wealth(0) Week 11-YA(0) Week 3(0) well written(0) were sent to the gas chambers. This is the story of those years. The author focuses on two widely different families. COVER TYPE: Hard(0) werkkampen(0) wes(0) West Hills(0) Western Civilization(0) Western Europe(0) Western Front 1944-45(0) Westmoreland(0) wg(0) White - Level V(0) who has been hiding from the Nazis in Monique's own basement(0) Who we are(0) whodunnit(0) wi(0) wii(0) William Pene du Bois illustrations(0) William Pene du Bois illustrator(0) Winter Reading Club(0) Wisconsin(0) wish(0) wishlist(0) wishlist maybe(0) with their tall boots(0) Wk 24(0) wl - fiction(0) wo ii(0) WOG; Historical Fiction-France in WWII(0) woman(0) women(0) women authors(0) women heroes(0) Women in France(0) women writers(0) wonderful(0) wonderful read(0) word history(0) work(0) work camps(0) works in translation(0) world history(0) world issues(0) World Jewish History(0) World Jewry(0) World Literature in English(0) World War(0) World War 1939-1945--Jews--Fiction(0) World War 1939-1945-France-fiction(0) World War I + II(0) World War II (WWII)(0) World War II - Juvenile fiction(0) World War II History(0) World War II Nazi Occupation and Concentration Camps(0) World War II--fiction--children's books(0) World War-1035-1945-Jews-fiction(0) World Wars(0) WorldCat biography(0) worth-re-reading(0) Writer's Craft(0) writers(0) written in the 1952(0) writtenbyjews(0) wrong cover(0) wub(0) WW 2 Drama(0) WW 2; Holocaust(0) WW II France Jewish girl arrested - brother left at home(0) WW II Paris(0) WW2 Holocaust historic fiction(0) WW2 period(0) wwi(0) wwii(0) WWII era(0) WWII Escape(0) WWII fiction(0) WWII France(0) WWII historical fiction(0) WWII kids and Nazis(0) WWII/Holocaust(0) x(0) xc(0) xenophobia(0) xx(0) XX secolo anni 90(0) XXe et XXIe(0) xxi(0) XXI secolo 1o decennio(0) y(0) y4(0) y4u2(0) ya(0) YA fiction WW II(0) YA Holocaust(0) Year 3(0) Year 4(0) Year 4 History(0) Year Kindergarten (Reception)(0) yellow 3(0) yellow star(0) Yesterday(0) young adult(0) young adult books(0) young adult fiction(0) Young Adult J Fic Sac(0) young girl(0) young kids(0) young people(0) young-adult-novels(0) Younger Readers(0) Your library(0) youth(0) Youth Fiction(0) Yr6 How We Organise Ourselves(0) Z 2013 From Johnna(0) Z 2015 From Johnna(0) z1(0) z944(0) Z: Rabbi Abramowitz/Office Books(0) zAge: 3rd-6th class(0) Zakhor(0) Zionism(0) zoektocht(0) {cover-member(0) {Early Reviewer}(0) ~(0) ~7(0) ~cat~(0) ~cvr~(0) ~edn~(0) ~edt~(0) ~tag~(0) ¤worldCat-X(0) äänikirjat(0) •import ISBN change(0) •multiple ISBN's LoC(0) •multiple ISBN's WorldCat(0) •Other Titles(0) •Summary(0) •Uniform Title(0) ••(0) …(0) …majuscules(0) …•eng(0) …⊡(0) …☛(0) …☛2(0) ↑gbv(0) ↑LoC(0) ↑sudoc↓↓••(0) ↓dnb(0) √(0) ∫LT-ZeitgeistLeSalon(0) ≥40 global ratings(0) ⊗se-eng(0) ⊗se-mis(0) ⊡1â—˜2⊡(0) ⊡2â—˜2(0) ☚(0) ☛(0) ☛LoC-X(0) ☛sudoc-x(0) ☛wP(0) ☡(0) ♀(0) ♠♠♥♥♦♦♣♣•(0) ♥♥!import(0) ♥♥-xxx(0) ♥♥↑↑↑(0) ✓(0)

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