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Journalists Fiction (157 works)

Books Under This Subject

The Pelican Brief by John Grisham (10,799 copies)
The Truth by Terry Pratchett (8,243 copies)
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk (8,136 copies)
The Poet by Michael Connelly (5,125 copies)
Island by Aldous Huxley (4,117 copies)
Scoop by Evelyn Waugh (3,689 copies)
Cold Fire by Dean Koontz (2,860 copies)
Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen (2,611 copies)
Complicity by Iain Banks (2,409 copies)
Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen (2,057 copies)
The Good German by Joseph Kanon (1,495 copies)
The Echo by Minette Walters (1,354 copies)
Blacklist by Sara Paretsky (1,325 copies)
Vienna Prelude by Bodie Thoene (1,223 copies)
Hard Time by Sara Paretsky (1,165 copies)
Dark Star by Alan Furst (1,135 copies)
The Postcard by Beverly Lewis (1,118 copies)
Deadline by Randy Alcorn (1,112 copies)
Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone (984 copies)
Pig Island by Mo Hayder (908 copies)
Distress by Greg Egan (855 copies)
Damascus Gate by Robert Stone (834 copies)
Last Shot by John Feinstein (769 copies)
Blood Hunt by Ian Rankin (716 copies)
Running Dog by Don DeLillo (620 copies)
Zoli by Colum McCann (610 copies)
Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin (585 copies)
Double Vision by Pat Barker (485 copies)
True Crime by Andrew Klavan (446 copies)
Le Mariage by Diane Johnson (445 copies)
The Mark by Jason Pinter (320 copies)
Dinner for Two by Mike Gayle (304 copies)
1921 by Morgan Llywelyn (299 copies)
The Water Clock by Jim Kelly (289 copies)
White Queen by Gwyneth Jones (274 copies)
Heroes by John Pilger (269 copies)
Letter to D by André Gorz (258 copies)
Fury by G. M. Ford (246 copies)
Distant Voices by John Pilger (221 copies)
Black River by G. M. Ford (210 copies)
Ian Fleming by Andrew Lycett (206 copies)
A Blind Eye by G. M. Ford (199 copies)
The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly (194 copies)
Lost in Music by Giles Smith (184 copies)
Deep Blue by Kat Martin (174 copies)
The Maze by Panos Karnezis (156 copies)
The Moon Tunnel by Jim Kelly (154 copies)
Hooked by Matt Richtel (141 copies)
Cleaver by Tim Parks (138 copies)
Memoirs by Raymond Aron (135 copies)
Name Games by Michael Craft (131 copies)
Flinch by Robert Ferrigno (125 copies)
Eye Contact by Michael Craft (121 copies)
Blown Away by G. M. Ford (106 copies)
Missing by Thomas Hauser (91 copies)
Be Mine by Rick Mofina (89 copies)
The Buzzing by Jim Knipfel (85 copies)
Funny Papers by Tom De Haven (75 copies)
Tefuga by Peter Dickinson (75 copies)
Strangled by Brian McGrory (73 copies)
The Distance by Eddie Muller (59 copies)
Too Far by Mike Lupica (55 copies)
Black Tide by Brendan DuBois (48 copies)
Gaily, Gaily by Ben Hecht (45 copies)
Jamaica Blue by Don Bruns (40 copies)
Low Life by Jeffrey Bernard (40 copies)
I, Claud by Claud Cockburn (37 copies)
The Black Cat by Robert Poe (35 copies)
Wicked Beauty by Susan Lewis (32 copies)
Red Ink by Greg Dinallo (32 copies)
Head Over Heels by Hugh Lunn (31 copies)
Deep Water by S. V. Date (28 copies)
Koestler by Iain Hamilton (15 copies)
Surface by Siddhartha Deb (14 copies)
Cobbett by Raymond Williams (13 copies)
Bad Hair Days by Pamela Bone (10 copies)
Inside story by Brit Hume (8 copies)
Rush by Daniel Mason (6 copies)
Convoy by Quentin Reynolds (5 copies)