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Books Under This Subject

The Temple by Alfred Edersheim (1,136 copies)
This is My God by Herman Wouk (791 copies)
Judaism by Arthur Hertzberg (507 copies)
The Kuzari by Judah Halevi (295 copies)
On Judaism by Martin Buber (267 copies)
A jew today by Elie Wiesel (260 copies)
Jesus for Jews by Ruth Rosen (135 copies)
Tot Shabbat by Camille Kress (81 copies)
One People by Abraham Segal (42 copies)
Hellenism by Norman Bentwich (31 copies)
Yoni by Howard Bogot (30 copies)
Judaism by Angela Wood (29 copies)
I am a Jew by Clive Lawton (21 copies)
Life Cycles by Sally Morgan (12 copies)