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R. Burroughs(0) E.R. Burroughs(0) e/c(0) e2.3(0) e5(0) E6 Amazing Amphibians(0) ea(0) eac osb(0) each begging him to spare their home. Writing Trait: Sentence Fluency(0) early chapter book(0) Early Chapters(0) early childhood(0) early concepts(0) early elementary(0) early reader(0) Early years literacy strategy (Fingal CoCo) : for babies(0) early-chapter-books(0) earth(0) Earth Conservation(0) Earth Day(0) earth day book(0) Earth Day/Environment(0) earth materials(0) earth science(0) easiest to read(0) East IndianSeries:Magic Tree HouseInterest Level:3-5Reading Level:2.3GRL:MLexile Level:370LSRC! Recommendation:SRC! 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Cherry(0) l370 rl2.3(0) l62(0) L:Classics(0) La Casa del Arbol(0) lagalleria(0) Lahore(0) Lake Placid(0) Lams Private Library(0) Land Animals(0) lang:ca(0) language(0) Language and Literature(0) langur(0) langurs(0) lap-sized board book(0) large paperback(0) Latin America(0) laziness(0) lazy(0) lb06(0) lb07(0) leaf insects(0) learning to read(0) leather(0) Leather Bound(0) Lebensraum(0) leiligheten 7(0) Leo Karp(0) leo the lovable lion(0) leopard(0) leopards(0) lesson(0) lesson books(0) Lesson: Why is nature so important to the animals(0) LetsExplore(0) Letter H(0) letter patterns(0) Letter R(0) letter sounds(0) letteratura giovanile(0) letteratura nordamericana(0) Level 0(0) Level 1(0) Level 2.3(0) Level 24(0) Level 3(0) Level 4(0) Level A(0) Level G(0) Level H(0) Level J(0) Level K(0) Level L(0) Level M(0) Level M - red(0) Level M/28(0) Level M28(0) Level O34(0) Level P(0) Level Q(0) Level R(0) Level:blue-fictional chapter books(0) Leveled Books(0) leveled by: F&P(0) Leveled Library(0) lex 670L(0) Lexile - 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Karen(0) personal narrative(0) personification(0) perspective(0) persuasion(0) persuasive(0) persuasive text(0) Persuasive text; man wants to cut down Kapok tree in Amazon but he falls asleep and the animals tell him why he shouldn't do it(0) persuasive writing(0) Petersen Sahib(0) pets(0) pg(0) Philip Jose Farmer Estate(0) phonemic awareness(0) phonological awareness(0) Phonological Awareness/Rhyming(0) pic(0) pic a-l(0) pic c(0) pic j(0) pick up books(0) pick up used books(0) pickup book(0) Pictorial works(0) picture(0) picture book(0) picture book gr 1 - 6(0) picture book: advanced(0) picture book: easy(0) Picture Book: Easy; Genre: Fiction; Illustrations: Watercolors; Amazon(0) picture book: intermediate(0) Picture Books/Short Stories(0) pictures(0) pictures 3 words repeated(0) Picute book EY3 - gr 2(0) pigs(0) pink(0) pink 3(0) Pink 9(0) pink/white(0) pja(0) pk3(0) Planet Earth(0) Plant and Animal Life(0) plants(0) plants and animals(0) plants and even the people of the rain forest can be explored. 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A hungry crocodile awaits his dinner. Animal noises.(0) rhyme and repetition(0) rhymes(0) rhyming(0) rhyming book(0) Rhyming Books(0) rhyming fiction(0) rhyming song(0) Rhyming Stories-29(0) rhyming text(0) rhyming words(0) rhythm(0) Rhythmic text-Noises (jungle animals)(0) Rikki Tikki Tavi(0) Rikki-tikki-tavi(0) rivers(0) rl 2(0) rl 2.3(0) rl 3.0(0) rl 3.1(0) rl 4.4(0) rl2.3(0) rl3(0) Robinson Curriculum(0) Rochemenault(0) Roddy McDowall(0) Rohan(0) Rokoff(0) Roman(0) Roman d'apprentissage(0) Roman klassiker(0) romance(0) romanian translation(0) Room 03(0) Room 17(0) Room 18(0) Room 34(0) roots(0) Rose Room(0) routine(0) rrr(0) Rudyard(0) Rudyard Kipling(0) Rudyard Kipling (Nobel Prize Winner for Literature)(0) Rudyard's father(0) Ruskin(0) s(0) s23(0) s4d(0) sad(0) sad then happy quiet a interesting book(0) safari(0) safari animals(0) safaris(0) Sal Murdocca(0) Sam 5/07(0) Sam's(0) Sarah(0) Savage(0) savanna(0) save the rainforest(0) save trees(0) saving earth(0) SB-Magic Tree House(0) sb4(0) sch(0) Scholastic(0) scholastic 05/06(0) school(0) school age(0) sci fi and fantasy(0) sci101(0) science(0) science - animal life(0) Science - Animals(0) Science - Life Science(0) Science - Rainforest(0) Science Adventures with Children's Literature E-book(0) Science Books (37)(0) Science curriculum (IRL): Plants and animals(0) science fiction(0) Science Fiction and Fantasy(0) Science Fiction/Fantasy(0) Science Informational(0) Science Reading 08-09(0) Science(Nature)(0) Science(Zoology)(0) SCIENCE/Earth(0) Science/Math(0) Science/Nature(0) science: botany(0) Science: Earth/Space Science: Rainforests(0) sciences(0) screenplay(0) Sea Vitch(0) seals(0) search(0) seasons(0) Seasons & Climate & Environments(0) seb(0) second(0) Section L1(0) Section S7- Feelings(0) security(0) see teacher guide(0) Sehen Staunen Wissen(0) seikkailu(0) seikkailu - adventure(0) Selbstlesbuch(0) self(0) self image(0) self-acceptance(0) self-awareness(0) Self-Concept(0) self-confidence(0) self-esteem(0) selfish(0) selfishness(0) selva(0) Senior School Library(0) sense of justice(0) sentence fluency(0) Sep07-1(0) separation(0) September 2009(0) sequence(0) sequence of events(0) sequencing(0) Serendipity(0) Serendipity Books(0) Serendipity Series(0) series(0) series (Tarzan)(0) Series - Magic Tree House(0) Series - Tarzan(0) series fiction(0) series-MTH(0) series: Jungle Book(0) Series: Tarzan(0) series:Tarzan(0) SeriesName=Tarzan(0) SeriesSkills:Cause & Effect(0) SeriesVolumeNumber=3(0) set(0) set of 4(0) Sets(0) setting(0) setting (Victorian Africa)(0) sf(0) SF Legends(0) sff(0) shared reading(0) sharing(0) Sharing the Planet(0) sharks(0) Shay(0) Shay fave(0) shelf(0) Shelf 1(0) Shelf 3(0) Shelf 3A(0) Shelf 8(0) Shelf 9(0) Shelf I3(0) shelf-life(0) Shelfari(0) shelved under 'k'(0) shelved:balcony(0) ShelvedLib(0) shere khan(0) shipwreck(0) short(0) short chapter book(0) short fiction(0) Short Read(0) short stories(0) short story(0) short story collection(0) should-reread(0) shy(0) SI624fall08(0) siblings(0) Sidwell(0) signed(0) Signet Classics(0) silly(0) Silly Stories(0) similarities and differences(0) simple words(0) simplicity(0) sing(0) sing along(0) singing(0) single mothers(0) single word(0) single-word(0) siniset(0) sister(0) six traits(0) Six Traits (word choice)(0) size(0) sizes(0) skönlitteratur(0) sleep(0) sleeping(0) sleepy(0) sloth(0) sloths(0) slow(0) slowly(0) slowness(0) small(0) smiley(0) smiley face(0) snakes(0) sneeze(0) sneezing(0) snow(0) so(0) so then he wakes up and decides not to cut it down. (Somebody...Wanted...But...So then)(0) Social & Emotional(0) Social Action & Justice(0) Social emotional(0) social issues(0) social skills(0) social studies(0) Social Studies Alive Extension(0) Social Studies: South America(0) social/cultural(0) society(0) sociology(0) soes(0) softcover(0) sold(0) sold or donated(0) some by John Lockwood Kipling(0) Somerville(0) song(0) songbook(0) songs(0) sony reader(0) sort(0) sort - brer rabbit(0) sort - pb03(0) sort-1-03(0) sound(0) sounds(0) Source: Early years literacy strategy tip sheets (Fingal CoCo)(0) Source: Educatetogether.ie(0) South Africa(0) South America(0) South American(0) South American Culture(0) space and time travel(0) Space and time--Fiction(0) Spanish(0) Spanish Fiction(0) Spanish Non-fiction(0) Spanish/English(0) special animals(0) species(0) speculative fiction(0) speech bubbles(0) Spende(0) spine tape or enclosure?(0) spiritual resource(0) spjr(0) splash(0) splashing(0) Spotlight on Literacy: Blue Girl w/ Umbrella(0) spring(0) Spring - Habitats(0) Spring- Valentines(0) Sr El(0) ssr(0) st(0) stacks(0) standort: 13no-w01-01a(0) starring: Gulshan Grover(0) stars(0) start(0) start to research project(0) stats(0) Stephen Cosgrove(0) Stephen Cosgrove Tub(0) Stewardship testimony - fiction(0) Stilecroft(0) storage(0) Storage Box 022(0) Storage Box 031(0) stories(0) stories in rhyme(0) stories-from-childhood(0) stories-people(0) stories/chapter book series(0) story(0) Story in Pictures(0) Story of a community of animals telling "Senhor" what the Kapok tree means to them and the future(0) story shelf(0) Story Stretchers for the Primary Grades - KS33(0) storybook(0) Storybooks(0) storytelling(0) storytime(0) Strategy books(0) strength(0) study(0) subject: anthropomorphism(0) summer(0) Summer 2010(0) Summer 2014(0) Summer Safari Camp(0) super reader(0) superhero prose fiction(0) superstory(0) surprise(0) survival(0) suspense(0) sustainability(0) Sustaninability(0) Svenska(0) Swahili(0) swamp(0) Swe(0) swimming(0) symbiosis(0) synergize(0) synonyms(0) synthesizing(0) Synthesizing/Summarizing(0) t(0) t-picture(0) t395(0) t396(0) t585(0) TA - Dinosaur(0) tag(0) tagtoorder(0) taking your time(0) talents(0) tales(0) tales from around the world(0) talking animals(0) talking books(0) Tall(0) tamarins(0) tantor(0) tape(0) Tape set(0) tape story(0) tarantulas(0) Tarzan(0) Tarzan #3(0) Tarzan 3(0) Tarzan Children's(0) tarzan of the apes(0) tarzan series(0) tarzan-black(0) tarzan-color(0) tarzan-kindle(0) Tarzan003(0) tb(0) teacher(0) Teacher Books(0) teacher bookshelf(0) Teacher Collection Environmental(0) Teacher Resource(0) Teacher's Shelf(0) teaching(0) Teaching Box(0) teasing(0) teen(0) teen/children(0) teeth(0) Teresa(0) termites(0) terramarear(0) test(0) testtag(0) Text Reader(0) text to world(0) Text-to-World Connections(0) texts for inferring world knowledge(0) The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written(0) the Amazon(0) The Burton Boy's Library 1st Ave East(0) The Charity Shop(0) the children and the enchanted dog in a forest in India(0) the creatures that inhabit the tree and the surrounding forest come to whisper in his ear(0) The many different animals that live in a great kapok tree in the Brazilian rainforest try to convince a man with an ax of the importance of not cutting down their home.(0) The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog(0) The original publications contained illustrations(0) The Plant Castle(0) The Second Jungle Book(0) The stories were first published in magazines in 1894 - 1895(0) The story itself is fiction. Some information in book is true. I read this for my social studies class and it would be a good book to creat a social studies lesson around. Talk about rainforests(0) the whole story(0) theme(0) theme 1 all about me(0) theme buckets(0) THEME: Dogs(0) THEME: Endangered Species(0) THEME: India(0) theme: jungle(0) THEME: Tigers(0) THEME: Time Travel(0) thesaurus(0) thinking(0) this book is funny(0) This book is good for descriptive words and expanding students vocabulary.(0) This book would be great for upper elementary because it discusses the importance of the rain forests and what would happen if they were destroyed. The images are informative. They include maps and labels and details about plants and animals.(0) thriller(0) tiger(0) TIGER (Together in Getting Everyone Reading)(0) Tiger--Fiction(0) tigers(0) Tigers - fiction(0) tigers at twilight(0) tigers conservation fiction(0) tigres(0) tim(0) time travel(0) time travel fiction(0) tlc(0) to inflict on the nieces(0) To Processing 6/20/2014(0) to read-environment(0) to-buy(0) to-read(0) To:BethForshee(0) To:ElizabethBarrett(0) To:HeidiCollins(0) To:JessicaAmis(0) To:LeahGaertner(0) To:RebeccaStaege(0) To:SarahAgee(0) To:UgandaLibrary(0) To:VickyTomlinson(0) toddler(0) toddler storytime(0) toddler time(0) Tom Hayes' Library(0) Tommy Lee(0) Toomai of the Elephants(0) toothache(0) toothaches(0) top floor(0) torn paper(0) touching(0) toy(0) trade paperback(0) traditional(0) traditional fantasy(0) traditional literature(0) Traditional Tales(0) translated(0) travel(0) Traveller(0) treasure(0) tree(0) Tree books(0) tree frog(0) Tree Homes(0) tree houses(0) Tree houses--Fiction(0) treehouse(0) treehouse series(0) trees(0) Trees Conservation(0) Tribes(0) trl 20(0) tropical forest(0) tropics(0) tt(0) Tu B'Shevat(0) Tub 1(0) Tub 14(0) Tub 46(0) Twilight Tiger(0) Two Siblings(0) Two Tails(0) TYPE: Beginning Chapter(0) u(0) u.s. literature(0) UCNS-Library(0) uk(0) UK author(0) ul(0) undefined(0) Under 5's(0) under the title: 'The Second Jungle Book'(0) unforgettable language(0) Unit 2(0) Unit 9(0) universal literature(0) unread(0) unread (fred)(0) unread: Mel(0) unschooling-home-library-essentials(0) Upper Grammar (4th-6th)(0) upstairs(0) Urwald(0) us(0) usa(0) used(0) Used (free)(0) used 2004-14(0) used?(0) using pictures(0) ut(0) uu(0) UU Principle Seven(0) uwc(0) v(0) Valentine(0) Valentine's Day(0) Valentines(0) values(0) various(0) verb(0) Veritas 6(0) verse(0) Victorian(0) Victorian fiction(0) victorian literature(0) Victoriana(0) vintage(0) visual(0) visual language(0) visualizing(0) vocabulary(0) Volume 2(0) voyages and travel(0) vr(0) vultures(0) w(0) wa 13(0) Walrus Islet(0) warmth(0) Warnes(0) warthog(0) warthogs(0) water(0) watercolor & pencil(0) waziri(0) We are Trees(0) weather(0) weather/seasons(0) web of life(0) week 10(0) week 13(0) Week 3(0) Weekly Reader(0) western(0) wetlands(0) where to donate books(0) White(0) white bin(0) wild(0) wild animals(0) wild animals theme box(0) Wild men - fiction(0) wilderness(0) wildlife(0) William(0) winter(0) wishes(0) wishlist(0) wold newton(0) Woldingham prize(0) wolf(0) wolves(0) women writers(0) wonderful imagery and language.(0) woodcuts(0) word choice(0) wordless(0) wordless book(0) wordless books(0) wordless picture book(0) wordless picture books(0) Wordless(For very few words)(0) words(0) work(0) world(0) World Days(0) World Geography(0) World Languages(0) World Studies(0) World's Best Reading(0) Worship(0) writers workshop(0) writing(0) Writing Craft- Setting (Intermediate)(0) wt(0) x(0) x2(0) xix(0) y(0) y3(0) y4(0) ya(0) YA ecology(0) Yanomamo(0) Year 1-2(0) yellow(0) yellow 1(0) Yellow 2(0) yellowed pages(0) yf(0) young(0) young adult(0) young adult fiction(0) young adult literature(0) Young Children(0) young readers(0) young-adult-novels(0) Younger(0) youngins(0) Your library(0) youth(0) Youth Fiction(0) z-06-xenofiction(0) z2-2(0) zany(0) zcPaperback(0) zebra(0) zebras(0) zl(0) zlSpecialCollections(0) zoo(0) Zoo 3(0) zoo animals(0) zt(0) ~tbs(0) 4323012500(0)

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