Subject: Lesbians Fiction


Lesbians Fiction (579 works)

Lesbians Fiction (340 works)

Books Under This Subject

Nightwood by Djuna Barnes (3,026 copies)
Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden (2,032 copies)
Trash by Dorothy Allison (928 copies)
Venus Envy by Rita Mae Brown (757 copies)
Valencia by Michelle Tea (577 copies)
Hood by Emma Donoghue (464 copies)
Stir-Fry by Emma Donoghue (435 copies)
Odd Girl Out by Ann Bannon (423 copies)
Stay by Nicola Griffith (418 copies)
Rent Girl by Michelle Tea (412 copies)
Beebo Brinker by Ann Bannon (412 copies)
Olivia by Dorothy Bussy (396 copies)
High Hearts by Rita Mae Brown (392 copies)
Landing by Emma Donoghue (368 copies)
Other Women by Lisa Alther (330 copies)
Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles (313 copies)
Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown (302 copies)
Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw (301 copies)
Eat Me by Linda Jaivin (277 copies)
Always by Nicola Griffith (275 copies)
I Am a Woman by Ann Bannon (269 copies)
Rat Bohemia by Sarah Schulman (259 copies)
Memory Board by Jane Rule (245 copies)
Hallowed Murder by Ellen Hart (242 copies)
Union Jack by Val McDermid (236 copies)
Empathy by Sarah Schulman (219 copies)
Bedrock by Lisa Alther (212 copies)
The Ladies by Doris Grumbach (193 copies)
Vital Lies by Ellen Hart (189 copies)
Stage Fright by Ellen Hart (176 copies)
After the Fire by Jane Rule (162 copies)
Fatal Reunion by Claire McNab (162 copies)
Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker (161 copies)
A Killing Cure by Ellen Hart (157 copies)
Outlander by Jane Rule (155 copies)
Godspeed by Lynn Breedlove (154 copies)
Dead Certain by Claire McNab (153 copies)
Memory Mambo by Achy Obejas (152 copies)
Gray Magic by Sarah Dreher (149 copies)
Car Pool by Karin Kallmaker (149 copies)
Cop Out by Claire McNab (149 copies)
Body Guard by Claire McNab (142 copies)
Alma Rose by Edith Forbes (135 copies)
Wicked Games by Ellen Hart (133 copies)
Robber's Wine by Ellen Hart (132 copies)
Faint Praise by Ellen Hart (132 copies)
Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims (131 copies)
Toothpick House by Lee Lynch (131 copies)
Calendar Girl by Stella Duffy (130 copies)
Watermark by Karin Kallmaker (128 copies)
Divine Victim by Mary Wings (128 copies)
Double Bluff by Claire McNab (127 copies)
The Swashbuckler by Lee Lynch (127 copies)
OtherWorld by Sarah Dreher (125 copies)
Seven Moves by Carol Anshaw (123 copies)
Blue by Abigail Padgett (121 copies)
Turn Back Time by Radclyffe (117 copies)
Inner Circle by Claire McNab (113 copies)
Past Due by Claire McNab (112 copies)
Fresh Tracks by Georgia Beers (108 copies)
Bad Company by Sarah Dreher (108 copies)
The Long Trail by Penny Hayes (107 copies)
Latecomer by Sarah Aldridge (106 copies)
Spring Fire by M. E. Kerr (106 copies)
Asha's Mums by Rosamund Elwin (105 copies)
Set Up by Claire McNab (104 copies)
Never Say Never by Linda Hill (102 copies)
Chain Letter by Claire McNab (102 copies)
The Iron Girl by Ellen Hart (101 copies)
Under My Skin by Jaye Maiman (100 copies)
Prism by Valerie Taylor (99 copies)
Paz by Camarin Grae (97 copies)
In the Game by Nikki Baker (96 copies)
Nora and Liz by Nancy Garden (93 copies)
Shy Girl by Elizabeth Stark (92 copies)
Death Club by Claire McNab (91 copies)
True Love by Jennifer Fulton (89 copies)
The Dawning by Laura Adams (88 copies)
Magdalena by Sarah Aldridge (86 copies)
Second Guess by Rose Beecham (86 copies)
Night Vision by Laura Adams (85 copies)
Still Waters by Pat Welch (82 copies)
Lifestyles by Jackie Calhoun (81 copies)
Gold Fever by Lyn Denison (81 copies)
A Proper Burial by Pat Welch (81 copies)
The Wild One by Lyn Denison (80 copies)
Dream Lover by Lyn Denison (79 copies)
Treasured Past by Linda Hill (79 copies)
Getting Wet by Carol Allain (78 copies)
Wavewalker by Stella Duffy (78 copies)
Isis Rising by Jean Stewart (77 copies)
As Francesca by Martha Baer (77 copies)
Gravel Queen by Tea Benduhn (75 copies)
7th Heaven by Kate Calloway (74 copies)
Margins by Terri De LA Pena (73 copies)
Fair Play by Rose Beecham (70 copies)
8th Day by Kate Calloway (70 copies)
Fresh Flesh by Stella Duffy (69 copies)
Lover by Bertha Harris (65 copies)
Class Reunion by Linda Hill (64 copies)
Forever by Evelyn Kennedy (64 copies)
Open House by Pat Welch (62 copies)
Long Goodbyes by Nikki Baker (62 copies)
Kiss & Tell by Robbi Sommers (61 copies)
Desire Lines by Jack Gantos (61 copies)
Players by Robbi Sommers (59 copies)
Stranded by Camarin Grae (58 copies)
Set in Stone by Angela Brown (58 copies)
Omaha's Bell by Penny Hayes (58 copies)
Both Sides by Bennett Saxon (57 copies)
Cabin Fever by Carol Schmidt (57 copies)
Letting Go by Ann O'Leary (56 copies)
Sabine by A.P. (56 copies)
Silver Lake by Carol Schmidt (56 copies)
Blood Link by Claire McNab (56 copies)
Off Season by Jackie Calhoun (54 copies)
Winged Isis by Jean Stewart (52 copies)
Michaela by Sarah Aldridge (52 copies)
Dreamcatcher by Lori Byrd (52 copies)
Just Yesterday by Linda Hill (50 copies)
Fall Guy by Claire McNab (50 copies)
The Drive by Trisha Todd (49 copies)
The Hadra by Diana Rivers (49 copies)
Life Savings by Linnea Due (49 copies)
Julia's Song by Ann O'Leary (48 copies)
All Out by Judith Alguire (47 copies)
Seeing Dell by Carol Guess (46 copies)
Lady Lobo by Kristen Garrett (46 copies)
Courted by Celia Cohen (44 copies)
Cry Havoc by Baxter Clare (44 copies)
Minimax by Anna Livia (43 copies)
Switch by Carol Guess (41 copies)
Love & Memory by Amy Oleson (40 copies)
Uneasy Lies by Eve Zaremba (40 copies)
Dive by Stacey Donovan (40 copies)
Whispers by Kris Bruyer (39 copies)
Harem Wish by Jan Carr (37 copies)
Breaking Up by Norma Klein (36 copies)
Mothers by Jax Peters Lowell (35 copies)
Moving Targets by Pat Welch (34 copies)
Expenses by Penny S. Lorio (33 copies)
In the Mood by Robbi Sommers (32 copies)
Dog Tags by Alexis Jude (31 copies)
Undertow by Amy Schutzer (29 copies)
Adele by Mary Flanagan (25 copies)
Trip Sheets by Ellen Hawley (23 copies)
Amantha by Sarah Aldridge (15 copies)