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Life Miscellanea (6 works)

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Books Under This Subject

Atonement by Ian McEwan (25,981 copies)
The Shack by William P. Young (14,513 copies)
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (13,741 copies)
Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse (13,241 copies)
I and Thou by Martin Buber (3,999 copies)
Evening Class by Maeve Binchy (2,694 copies)
The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman (2,238 copies)
The Beach House by Jane Green (1,568 copies)
The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux (1,245 copies)
Uh-Oh by Robert Fulghum (1,199 copies)
Yes Man by Danny Wallace (1,116 copies)
Evening by Susan Minot (1,076 copies)
Ever After by Karen Kingsbury (910 copies)
Gump & Co. by Winston Groom (667 copies)
The Job by Douglas Kennedy (419 copies)
The Aristos by John Fowles (359 copies)
Jernigan by David Gates (306 copies)
Falling Home by Karen White (304 copies)
Beginnings by Isaac Asimov (275 copies)
Winterwood by Patrick McCabe (270 copies)
Resistance by Barry Lopez (163 copies)
Anthem by Tim Binding (47 copies)
Wolf Point by Edward Falco (46 copies)
Early Life by Lynn Margulis (43 copies)
Trophy House by Anne Bernays (38 copies)
I, Monty by Marcus Bach (29 copies)
Solo by Alyssa Brugman (20 copies)
Poppy's Return by Pat Rosier (14 copies)
River Eternal by Lan Kinseth (13 copies)
Deja vu by Susan Fraser (7 copies)