Subject: Los Angeles (Calif.) Fiction


Books Under This Subject

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler (7,186 copies)
The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy (5,204 copies)
Rising Sun by Michael Crichton (5,144 copies)
The Closers by Michael Connelly (4,620 copies)
Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski (4,479 copies)
The Narrows by Michael Connelly (4,409 copies)
Mary, Mary by James Patterson (4,407 copies)
Lost Light by Michael Connelly (4,090 copies)
The Overlook by Michael Connelly (3,971 copies)
Trunk Music by Michael Connelly (3,699 copies)
Blood Work by Michael Connelly (3,624 copies)
Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult (2,819 copies)
Angels by Marian Keyes (2,109 copies)
Monster by Jonathan Kellerman (2,073 copies)
Gone by Jonathan Kellerman (2,027 copies)
Winter Moon by Dean Koontz (2,003 copies)
Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman (1,923 copies)
Rage by Jonathan Kellerman (1,896 copies)
The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy (1,867 copies)
The Watchman by Robert Crais (1,863 copies)
Last Call by Tim Powers (1,756 copies)
L. A. Requiem by Robert Crais (1,753 copies)
Playback by Raymond Chandler (1,725 copies)
Complusion by Jonathan Kellerman (1,720 copies)
Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman (1,704 copies)
The Clinic by Jonathan Kellerman (1,681 copies)
Bones by Jonathan Kellerman (1,654 copies)
The Web by Jonathan Kellerman (1,638 copies)
Bad Love by Jonathan Kellerman (1,619 copies)
Blood Test by Jonathan Kellerman (1,523 copies)
Time Bomb by Jonathan Kellerman (1,489 copies)
Kill the Messenger by Tami Hoag (1,473 copies)
Chasing Darkness by Robert Crais (1,405 copies)
Demolition Angel by Robert Crais (1,360 copies)
Sunset Express by Robert Crais (1,236 copies)
Paint It Black by Janet Fitch (1,218 copies)
Indigo Slam by Robert Crais (1,213 copies)
Summer Island by Kristin Hannah (1,202 copies)
Voodoo River by Robert Crais (1,189 copies)
Lullaby Town by Robert Crais (1,176 copies)
The Night Crew by John Sandford (1,157 copies)
Free Fall by Robert Crais (1,155 copies)
Stalker by Faye Kellerman (1,083 copies)
The Forgotten by Faye Kellerman (1,076 copies)
Milk and Honey by Faye Kellerman (1,055 copies)
Lying Awake by Mark Salzman (1,040 copies)
Expiration Date by Tim Powers (1,040 copies)
Family by Karen Kingsbury (1,022 copies)
Forever by Karen Kingsbury (1,010 copies)
A Red Death by Walter Mosley (882 copies)
Justice by Faye Kellerman (878 copies)
Was by Geoff Ryman (872 copies)
Sanctuary by Faye Kellerman (872 copies)
Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow (863 copies)
L.A. Dead by Stuart Woods (832 copies)
Echo by Francesca Lia Block (794 copies)
Chato's Kitchen by Gary Soto (751 copies)
Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber (615 copies)
Jinxed by Carol Higgins Clark (549 copies)
Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley (505 copies)
The Grid by Philip Kerr (494 copies)
Black Betty by Walter Mosley (485 copies)
Girls on Film by Zoey Dean (482 copies)
Night Shade by Lynne Ewing (464 copies)
Popped by Carol Higgins Clark (460 copies)
Dead Eyes by Stuart Woods (456 copies)
L.A. Noir by James Ellroy (438 copies)
Metzger's Dog by Thomas Perry (417 copies)
Fear Itself by Walter Mosley (407 copies)
The Sacrifice by Lynne Ewing (401 copies)
The Prophecy by Lynne Ewing (392 copies)
Moon Demon by Lynne Ewing (378 copies)
Lovers by Judith Krantz (374 copies)
The Lost One by Lynne Ewing (373 copies)
Noir by K. W. Jeter (372 copies)
Possession by Lynne Ewing (365 copies)
Necroville by Ian McDonald (353 copies)
Suicide Hill by James Ellroy (351 copies)
Beige by Cecil Castellucci (348 copies)
Tall Cool One by Zoey Dean (331 copies)
The Becoming by Lynne Ewing (317 copies)
The Choice by Lynne Ewing (302 copies)
Double Image by David Morrell (300 copies)
Loop Group by Larry McMurtry (300 copies)
Nine by Jan Burke (290 copies)
Some Like It Hot by Zoey Dean (274 copies)
Death Claims by Joseph Hansen (273 copies)
Cold Blood by Lynda La Plante (267 copies)
American Beauty by Zoey Dean (255 copies)
Goldenboy by Michael Nava (235 copies)
Southland by Nina Revoyr (220 copies)
Soul by Tobsha Learner (219 copies)
City of Fire by Robert Ellis (215 copies)
How Town by Michael Nava (209 copies)
Rag and Bone by Michael Nava (174 copies)
She Is Me by Cathleen Schine (169 copies)
Firedance by Steven Barnes (155 copies)
Barbarian by Lynne Ewing (152 copies)
Christietown by Susan Kandel (147 copies)
The Long Shot by Paul Monette (146 copies)
Half- Life by Aaron Krach (132 copies)
Golden Days by Carolyn See (130 copies)
Escape by Lynne Ewing (127 copies)
Flinch by Robert Ferrigno (125 copies)
Toyer by Gardner McKay (123 copies)
Dead Ex by Harley Jane Kozak (121 copies)
Clea's Moon by Edward Wright (117 copies)
L.A. Woman by Cathy Yardley (113 copies)
L.A. Rex by Will Beall (110 copies)
Night Sun by Lynne Ewing (110 copies)
Outcast by Lynne Ewing (110 copies)
Breakout by Paul Fleischman (109 copies)
Never Fear by Scott Frost (107 copies)
The Snatch by Bill Pronzini (98 copies)
Night Prayers by P. D. Cacek (85 copies)
Bobby's Girl by J. D. Austin (84 copies)
The Scream by Bill Myers (79 copies)
Double Bluff by Dell Shannon (77 copies)
Scattershot by Bill Pronzini (75 copies)
Federal Fag by Fred Hunter (74 copies)
Moist by Mark Haskell Smith (69 copies)
Quake by Rudolph Wurlitzer (66 copies)
Angel City by Tony Johnston (58 copies)
Fuel The Fire by Jake Thoene (56 copies)
Silver Lake by Carol Schmidt (56 copies)
Doom Fox by Iceberg Slim (54 copies)
Boobytrap by Bill Pronzini (53 copies)
Black Dreams by Kate Green (49 copies)
Huddle: A Novel by Dan Boyle (48 copies)
Felony File by Dell Shannon (47 copies)
Hard Trade by Arthur Lyons (42 copies)
Infamous by Joan Collins (42 copies)
Cry Havoc by Baxter Clare (42 copies)
Loaded by Shari Shattuck (42 copies)
Bird Dog by Philip Reed (40 copies)
Moy Moy by Leo Politi (35 copies)
Lethal by Shari Shattuck (35 copies)
Mirage by Don Passman (31 copies)
Shooters by Terrill Lankford (29 copies)
Gimme an O! by Kayla Perrin (28 copies)
Trophy Wife by Kelly Lange (27 copies)
Fast Fade by Arthur Lyons (26 copies)
Daddy Boy by Carey Cameron (14 copies)