Subject: Murder


Murder (24 works)

Murder Africa (1 work)

Murder Alaska (1 work)

Murder Albury (1 work)

Murder Australia (2 works)

Murder Australia (5 works)

Murder Bahamas (1 work)

Murder Bath (1 work)

Murder Biography (1 work)

Murder Biography (1 work)

Murder Boston (2 works)

Murder Chicago (2 works)

Murder Colorado (1 work)

Books Under This Subject

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (11,593 copies)
Gone by Jonathan Kellerman (2,083 copies)
My Dark Places by James Ellroy (1,557 copies)
The Broken Shore by Peter Temple (1,168 copies)
Serpentine by Thomas Thompson (255 copies)
Funeral Music by Morag Joss (199 copies)
The Cauldron by Colin Forbes (165 copies)
Monster by Steve Jackson (108 copies)
Zebra by Clark Howard (71 copies)
Rota 66 by Caco Barcellos (43 copies)
The Informant by Gary May (32 copies)
Killer Dad by Robert Scott (24 copies)
Storyman by Victor Kelleher (19 copies)
Cat catcher by Caroline Shaw (15 copies)
5 to die, by Jerry Le Blanc (15 copies)
Final cut by Paul Thomas (6 copies)