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New Mexico Fiction (92 works)

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Books Under This Subject

The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy (4,451 copies)
Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman (1,772 copies)
Mount Dragon by Douglas Preston (1,672 copies)
Standoff by Sandra Brown (1,048 copies)
Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan (632 copies)
Tularosa by Michael McGarrity (377 copies)
Blind Run by Patricia Lewin (150 copies)
Blue Rodeo by Jo-Ann Mapson (145 copies)
Bad Faith by Aimée Thurlo (118 copies)
Bad Medicine by Aimée Thurlo (109 copies)
Red Mesa by Aimée Thurlo (107 copies)
Death Walker by Aimée Thurlo (105 copies)
The Dirty Cowboy by Adam Rex (96 copies)
Perfidia by Judith Rossner (90 copies)
Wind Spirit by Aimée Thurlo (76 copies)
Empty Cradle by Karen Harper (76 copies)
Glorieta Pass by P. G. Nagle (75 copies)
The Stolen Gods by Jake Page (74 copies)
Pale Death by Aimée Thurlo (64 copies)
Yellowcake by Ann Cummins (39 copies)
Hyssop by Kevin McIlvoy (20 copies)
The royal city by Les Savage (13 copies)
Faraway Blue by Max Evans (9 copies)
New Mexico by Dave DeWitt (8 copies)
Rice by Joan Logghe (2 copies)