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Occult fiction (32)

African American men Fiction (30)

Policewomen Fiction (30)

Free African Americans Fiction (28)

African American men Fiction (28)

Policewomen Fiction (28)

Free African Americans Fiction (28)

Romantic suspense fiction (28)

January, Benjamin (Fictitious character) Fiction (28)

January, Benjamin (Fictitious character) Fiction (28)

Langdon, Skip (Fictitious character) Fiction (24)

Langdon, Skip (Fictitious character) Fiction (24)

African American women Fiction (21)

Biographical fiction (21)

Women private investigators Louisiana New Orleans Fiction (20)

Horror fiction (19)

City and town life Fiction (18)

Restaurants Fiction (16)

Murder Fiction (16)

Murder Fiction (16)

Witches Fiction (16)

Vampires Fiction (16)

Serial murders Fiction (16)

Fantastic fiction (16)

Occult fiction (16)

Horror fiction (16)

Restaurants Fiction (16)

Humorous fiction (16)

Sisters Fiction (16)

Bildungsromans (16)

Suspense fiction (15)

Gay men Fiction (14)

Adventure stories (14)

Married women Fiction (14)

Women poets Fiction (14)

City and town life Fiction (14)

Romantic suspense fiction (14)

Wallis, Talba (Fictitious character) Fiction (14)

Cooks Fiction (12)

Cooks Fiction (12)

Private investigators Louisiana New Orleans Fiction (12)

Twins Fiction (12)

Wallis, Talba (Fictitious character) Fiction (12)

Married women Fiction (12)

Humorous stories (12)

African American women Fiction (12)

Mystery and detective stories (12)

Women private investigators New Orleans Fiction (12)

Serial murders Fiction (12)

Gay men Fiction (12)

Women poets Fiction (12)

Legal stories (12)

Vampires Fiction (12)

Racially mixed people Fiction (11)

Romantic suspense novels (11)

Suspense fiction (11)

Creoles Fiction (11)

Large type books (11)

Fantasy fiction (11)

Jazz musicians Fiction (10)

Voodooism Fiction (10)

Gamblers Fiction (10)

Organized crime Fiction (10)

Orphans Fiction (10)

Bildungsromane (10)

Cookery Fiction (10)

Romantic suspense novels (9)

Lesbians Fiction (8)

Women Louisiana Fiction (8)

Self-actualization (Psychology) Fiction (8)

Gamblers Fiction (8)

Monsters Fiction (8)

Monsters Fiction (8)

Jazz musicians Fiction (8)

Male friendship Fiction (8)

Male friendship Fiction (8)

Young men Fiction (8)

English fiction (8)

Man-woman relationships Fiction (8)

Frankenstein (Fictitious character) Fiction (8)

Organized crime Fiction (8)

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Subject: New Orleans (La.) Fiction


New Orleans (La.) Fiction (169 works)

New Orleans (la.) Fiction (160 works)

New Orleans (la.) Fiction (100 works)

New Orleans (La.) Fiction (105 works)

New Orleans (La.) Fiction. Civil War, 1861-1865 (1 works)

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