Subject: Novelists, American 20th century Biography


Books Under This Subject

Palm Sunday by Kurt Vonnegut (1,646 copies)
My Dark Places by James Ellroy (1,558 copies)
Travels by Michael Crichton (1,355 copies)
My Losing Season by Pat Conroy (1,221 copies)
The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison (834 copies)
Borrowed Finery by Paula Fox (388 copies)
Heart Earth by Ivan Doig (306 copies)
Bellow by James Atlas (171 copies)
Paradise by Larry McMurtry (134 copies)
The Futurians by Damon Knight (106 copies)
Dreiser by W. A. Swanberg (39 copies)
Gaslight by Carol Guess (32 copies)
Willeford by Don Herron (24 copies)
Oxford Days by Paul West (18 copies)
Aline by Carole Klein (11 copies)
M.E. Kerr by Albert Spring (2 copies)