Subject: Nuclear warfare


Nuclear warfare (76 works)

Nuclear Warfare (44 works)

Nuclear warfare (70 works)

Books Under This Subject

The Camel Club by David Baldacci (5,080 copies)
Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank (4,803 copies)
On the Beach by Nevil Shute (4,757 copies)
Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick (1,970 copies)
Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody (1,603 copies)
Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban (1,303 copies)
The Wall by Marlen Haushofer (1,205 copies)
Copenhagen by Michael Frayn (1,084 copies)
Greybeard by Brian W. Aldiss (873 copies)
Ashling by Isobelle Carmody (821 copies)
Plan of Attack by Dale Brown (501 copies)
Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald (422 copies)
Dead Hand by Harold Coyle (149 copies)
The Shell Game by Steve Alten (137 copies)
Golden Days by Carolyn See (131 copies)
A Knife Edge by David Rollins (130 copies)
Crush Depth by Joe Buff (115 copies)
Waging Peace by Jim Wallis (72 copies)
Straits of Power by Joe Buff (71 copies)
Blowback by Eric Fullilove (33 copies)
If Winter Comes by Lynn Hall (22 copies)
Meridian 144 by Meg Files (19 copies)
The End by Skip Morrow (8 copies)
The bomb by Sidney Lens (5 copies)