Subject: Old age Fiction


Old age Fiction (80 works)

Old Age Fiction (59 works)

Old age Fiction (62 works)

Books Under This Subject

Verdi by Janell Cannon (2,426 copies)
Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer (1,240 copies)
Kit's Wilderness by David Almond (1,177 copies)
Night Noises by Mem Fox (728 copies)
Emma by Wendy Kesselman (386 copies)
Stealing Home by Mary Stolz (270 copies)
The Stray by Dick King-Smith (261 copies)
The Trap by John Smelcer (211 copies)
Memory by Margaret Mahy (210 copies)
The Friends by Kazumi Yumoto (152 copies)
Sunshine Home by Eve Bunting (138 copies)
Redwork by Michael Bedard (82 copies)
The Letters by Kazumi Yumoto (57 copies)
Ba-Nam by Jeanne M. Lee (53 copies)
Sea Swan by Kathryn Lasky (38 copies)
Sally Arnold by Cheryl Ryan (17 copies)