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Books Under This Subject

The Shack by William P. Young (14,395 copies)
The Postman by David Brin (4,076 copies)
Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling (2,419 copies)
Gone by Lisa Gardner (1,727 copies)
The Cove by Catherine Coulter (1,501 copies)
The Edge by Catherine Coulter (1,239 copies)
Deadline by Randy Alcorn (1,112 copies)
Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson (763 copies)
Dominion by Randy Alcorn (762 copies)
After Caroline by Kay Hooper (303 copies)
Woodlands by Robin Jones Gunn (254 copies)
Skeletons by Kate Wilhelm (216 copies)
No Defense by Kate Wilhelm (200 copies)
Pink by Gus Van Sant (165 copies)
Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell (149 copies)
Runaway Heart by Jane Peart (105 copies)
Trask by Don Berry (97 copies)
8th Day by Kate Calloway (70 copies)
Dead Matter by M. K. Wren (59 copies)
Oregon by Scott Ingram (56 copies)
Sentinels by Bill Pronzini (55 copies)
Oregon II by Ray Atkeson (53 copies)
To Build a Ship by Don Berry (40 copies)
Chayatocha by Shane Johnson (40 copies)
Whispers by Kris Bruyer (39 copies)
Oregon coast by Ray Atkeson (33 copies)
Oregon by Ray Atkeson (26 copies)
Firewatch by Cynthia Wall (12 copies)
Scenic Oregon (2 copies)