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Strange obsession with Erica who pined over her dead boyfriend. Ultimately returned to Pakistan and not clear but seemed as if he had become a terrorist. 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Bhutto, Benazir (2)

Translators Fiction (2)

Afghanistan Fiction (2)

Kargil (India) History, Military (2)

Holidays Pakistan (2)

Murder victims' families Fiction (2)

Murder victims' families Fiction (2)

Reeves, Richard, 1936- (2)

Cities and towns, Ancient Pakistan (2)

Cities and towns, Ancient Pakistan (2)

Américains d'origine pakistanaise Romans, nouvelles, etc (2)

Sri Lanka (2)

Bangladesh Juvenile literature (2)

Blogs Fiction (2)

Nationalists India Biography (2)

Presidents Family Fiction (2)

Military government Pakistan (2)

Terrorism Pakistan. Religious aspects (2)

Military-owned business enterprises Pakistan (2)

India Religion (2)

Men Pakistan Fiction (2)

Immigrants Fiction (2)

Missing persons Fiction (2)

African American men Fiction (2)

Islam and politics (2)

Nuclear warfare Fiction (2)

Islamic countries Politics and government (2)

Democracy Islam (2)

African American men Fiction (2)

India History Partition, 1947 Pictorial works (2)

India Fiction. Partition, 1947 (2)

Minorities Fiction (2)

Orphans Fiction (2)

United States Foreign relations India (2)

Atomic bomb Pakistan (2)

Afghanistan Foreign relations United States (2)

Petroleum industry and trade Political aspects United States (2)

Petroleum industry and trade United States. Political aspects (2)

War on Terrorism, 2001- Economic aspects (2)

Journalists Fiction (2)

Translators Fiction (2)

India Military relations (2)

Goodyear, Sara Suleri (2)

England Fiction (2)

Cities and towns, Ancient India (2)

Cities and towns, Ancient India (2)

Self-perception Fiction (2)

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Subject: Pakistan


Pakistan (9 works)

Pakistan 1990- (224 works)

Pakistan Antiquities (4 works)

Pakistan Antiquities Catalogs (1 works)

Pakistan Antiquities Periodicals (1 works)

Pakistan Antiquities (2 works)

Pakistan Armed Forces Officers (1 works)

Pakistan Armed Forces Political activity (1 works)

Pakistan Bibliography (1 works)

Pakistan Civilization (6 works)

Pakistan Civilization (3 works)

Pakistan Commerce Directories (1 works)

Pakistan Description and travel (9 works)

Pakistan Description and travel Juvenile literature (2 works)

Pakistan Description and travel (5 works)

Pakistan Economic conditions (1 works)

Pakistan Economic policy (1 works)

Pakistan Exhibitions (1 works)

Pakistan Fiction (11 works)

Pakistan Fiction (7 works)

Pakistan Foreign countries (1 works)

Pakistan Foreign relations (2 works)

Pakistan Foreign relations India (3 works)

Pakistan Foreign relations India 20th century (1 works)

Pakistan Foreign relations United States (3 works)

Pakistan Foreign relations (8 works)

Pakistan Guidebooks (4 works)

Pakistan Guidebooks (2 works)

Pakistan Handbooks, manuals, etc (1 works)

Pakistan History (2 works)

Pakistan History 1947- (1 works)

Pakistan History (2 works)

Pakistan In literature (1 works)

Pakistan Intellectual life 20th century (1 works)

Pakistan Juvenile literature (2 works)

Pakistan Juvenile literature (3 works)

Pakistan Languages Social aspects (1 works)

Pakistan Maps (1 works)

Pakistan Military policy (1 works)

Pakistan Military relations Foreign countries (1 works)

Pakistan Military relations India (2 works)

Pakistan Military relations (2 works)

Pakistan Periodicals (2 works)

Pakistan Pictorial works (1 works)

Pakistan Pictorial works (2 works)

Pakistan Political activity (3 works)

Pakistan Politics and government (9 works)

Pakistan Politics and government 1971-1988 (6 works)

Pakistan Politics and government 1971-1988 Fiction (1 works)

Pakistan Politics and government 1971-1988 (4 works)

Pakistan Politics and government 1988- (3 works)

Pakistan Politics and government 1988- (6 works)

Pakistan Politics and government Bibliography (1 works)

Pakistan Politics and government (8 works)

Pakistan Rural conditions (1 works)

Pakistan Social life and customs (2 works)

Pakistan Social life and customs 21st century (1 works)

Pakistan Social life and customs Fiction (1 works)

Pakistan Social life and customs Fiction (2 works)

Pakistan Social life and customs Juvenile literature (1 works)

pakistan (2 works)

Pakistan (2 works)

Pakistan movement (2 works)

Pakistan movement (1 works)

Pakistan. Pakistan Air Force History (1 works)

Pakistani Americans Fiction (2 works)

Pakistani Americans Fiction (4 works)

Pakistani Americans Juvenile fiction (2 works)

Pakistanis Afghanistan Fiction (1 works)

Pakistanis Afghanistan Fiction (1 works)

Pakistanis Cultural assimilation (1 works)

Pakistanis England Biography (1 works)

Pakistanis England Fiction (2 works)

Pakistanis England Fiction (2 works)

Pakistanis Great Britain Biography (1 works)

Pakistanis Travel United States Fiction (1 works)

Pakistanis United States Fiction (1 works)

Pakistanis Wales Fiction (1 works)

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