Subject: Paris (France)


Paris (France) (5 works)

Books Under This Subject

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (68,884 copies)
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo (25,284 copies)
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (10,860 copies)
Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller (8,585 copies)
The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice (6,805 copies)
Old Goriot by Honoré de Balzac (5,758 copies)
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (5,191 copies)
Cat & Mouse by James Patterson (4,902 copies)
The Ambassadors by Henry James (3,867 copies)
Nightwood by Djuna Barnes (3,028 copies)
L'Assommoir by Émile Zola (2,331 copies)
The American by Henry James (2,017 copies)
Ravelstein by Saul Bellow (1,670 copies)
A Void by Georges Perec (1,493 copies)
The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy (1,347 copies)
Le Divorce by Diane Johnson (1,113 copies)
Trilby by George Du Maurier (856 copies)
Red Gold by Alan Furst (791 copies)
Quartet by Jean Rhys (634 copies)
Black Ice by Anne Stuart (611 copies)
Paris Peasant by Louis Aragon (537 copies)
Oxygen by Andrew Miller (517 copies)
Le Mariage by Diane Johnson (445 copies)
Left Bank by Kate Muir (302 copies)
Honeymoon by Patrick Modiano (279 copies)
The Passion by Donna Ball (259 copies)
Panama by Eric Zencey (254 copies)
Time Out Paris by Time Out (251 copies)
Personal Assets by Emma Holly (250 copies)
Paris by John Russell (242 copies)
Paris Trance by Geoff Dyer (237 copies)
The Left Bank Gang by Jason (236 copies)
The Forger by Paul Watkins (203 copies)
Sparkles by Louise Bagshawe (198 copies)
Sapho by Alphonse Daudet (192 copies)
Ormond by Maria Edgeworth (156 copies)
Exteriors by Annie Ernaux (153 copies)
Sandman by J. Robert Janes (116 copies)
Baedeker's Paris by Baedekers (112 copies)
Shipwreck by Louis Begley (111 copies)
The Translator by Ward Just (105 copies)
French Kiss by Susan Johnson (104 copies)
Carousel by J. Robert Janes (103 copies)
Phoenix Cafe by Gwyneth Jones (101 copies)
Scumbler by William Wharton (101 copies)
Paris! Paris! by Irwin Shaw (97 copies)
Minou by Mindy Bingham (90 copies)
Smell by Radhika Jha (84 copies)
Wild Boy by Jill Dawson (81 copies)
Wormwood by Marie Corelli (81 copies)
Gatekeeper by Philip Shelby (75 copies)
Horace by George Sand (65 copies)
King of Paris by Guy Endore (56 copies)
Paris by Dana Facaros (46 copies)
Light at Dusk by Peter Gadol (32 copies)
Adele by Mary Flanagan (25 copies)
Ambition & Love by Ward Just (23 copies)
Orsay by Collectif (19 copies)
Blackgammon by Heather Neff (17 copies)
Fermentation by Angelica J. (15 copies)
Paris by Irene Smith (8 copies)
Frédou by Mary Stolz (6 copies)
Paris by Daniel Noin (3 copies)
Access Paris (2 copies)
Paris by Frances Chambers (1 copies)