Subject: People with disabilities


Books Under This Subject

The Testament by John Grisham (9,925 copies)
Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry (9,289 copies)
Rules by Cynthia Lord (5,351 copies)
Tangerine by Edward Bloor (3,593 copies)
Small Steps by Louis Sachar (2,899 copies)
Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter (1,900 copies)
Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher (1,414 copies)
Mr. Timothy by Louis Bayard (835 copies)
Birdwing by Rafe Martin (608 copies)
Apt. 3 by Ezra Jack Keats (600 copies)
Shadowfall by James Clemens (600 copies)
Stoner & Spaz by Ron Koertge (487 copies)
The Losers by David Eddings (484 copies)
From Anna by Jean Little (474 copies)
Hannah by Gloria Whelan (464 copies)
Bluish by Virginia Hamilton (458 copies)
Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham (412 copies)
Abduction! by Peg Kehret (384 copies)
Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis (349 copies)
Heroes by Robert Cormier (315 copies)
Stranded by Ben Mikaelsen (307 copies)
Mine for Keeps by Jean Little (274 copies)
Lucy's Picture by Nicola Moon (259 copies)
Water Keep by J. Scott Savage (253 copies)
We Can Do It! by Laura Dwight (247 copies)
Puppies for Sale by Dan Clark (207 copies)
The Weirdo by Theodore Taylor (204 copies)
Porgy by DuBose Heyward (120 copies)
Sosu's Call by Meshack Asare (116 copies)
Harry Sue by Sue Stauffacher (111 copies)
The Window by Jeanette Ingold (107 copies)
Wintering Well by Lea Wait (101 copies)
Goose's Story by Cari Best (89 copies)
Singing Hands by Delia Ray (80 copies)
Head Case by Sarah Aronson (75 copies)
The Printer by Myron Uhlberg (70 copies)
Lizard by Dennis Covington (63 copies)
Midget by Tim Bowler (54 copies)
Winning by Robin F. Brancato (51 copies)
The Silent One by Joy Cowley (35 copies)
Fluffy by Danielle Johnson (6 copies)