Subject: Photography, Artistic


Books Under This Subject

On Photography by Susan Sontag (3,015 copies)
Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz (2,586 copies)
Libraries by Candida Höfer (423 copies)
On Reading by André Kertész (282 copies)
Nan Goldin by Guido Costa (188 copies)
Far Journeys by Bruce Chatwin (173 copies)
What Remains by Sally Mann (129 copies)
The Creation by Ernst Haas (125 copies)
Atget by John Szarkowski (120 copies)
Blink. by Phaidon Press (84 copies)
Whistlejacket by John Hawkes (84 copies)
Bruce Weber by Bruce Weber (81 copies)
Men at Work by Lewis W. Hine (71 copies)
Jeff Wall by Thierry Duve (69 copies)
Josef Sudek by Ian Jeffrey (62 copies)
Roni Horn by Louise Neri (60 copies)
Walker Evans by Lucy Sante (57 copies)
This is Blythe by Gina Garan (53 copies)
Own Death by Péter Nádas (53 copies)
Nadar by James Henry Rubin (53 copies)
The Valley by Larry Sultan (52 copies)
Underworld by Kelly Klein (46 copies)
The Arch by Joel Meyerowitz (45 copies)
Eikoh Hosoe by Eikoh Hosoe (44 copies)
Lewis Hine by Mary Panzer (43 copies)
Philosophers by Steve Pyke (41 copies)
Staring Back by Chris Marker (40 copies)
Roger Fenton by Roger Fenton (39 copies)
In England by Don McCullin (37 copies)
Deja-vu by Ralph Gibson (35 copies)
Hart Island by Melinda Hunt (34 copies)
Days at Sea by Ralph Gibson (34 copies)
5x7 by William Eggleston (34 copies)
Willy Ronis by Paul Ryan (33 copies)
Meetings by Paul Shambroom (31 copies)
SX-70 Art by Ralph Gibson (31 copies)
Baron at the Ballet by Baron (30 copies)
Walls by Deidi von Schaewen (30 copies)
Sudek by Sonja Bullaty (30 copies)
Sirens by Marco Glaviano (28 copies)
Lost Angeles by Paul Jasmin (27 copies)
Windows by Val Clery (27 copies)
Americana by André Kertész (25 copies)
Bay/Sky by Joel Meyerowitz (25 copies)
Color by Sheila Metzner (24 copies)