Subject: Photography, Artistic


Books Under This Subject

On Photography by Susan Sontag (3,267 copies)
Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz (2,758 copies)
Libraries by Candida Höfer (448 copies)
On Reading by André Kertész (295 copies)
Nan Goldin by Guido Costa (195 copies)
Far Journeys by Bruce Chatwin (180 copies)
The Creation by Ernst Haas (134 copies)
What Remains by Sally Mann (134 copies)
Atget by John Szarkowski (131 copies)
Eugène Atget by Eugene Atget (104 copies)
Whistlejacket by John Hawkes (92 copies)
Bruce Weber by Bruce Weber (90 copies)
Blink. by Phaidon Press (84 copies)
Men at Work by Lewis W. Hine (78 copies)
Jeff Wall by Thierry Duve (71 copies)
Josef Sudek by Ian Jeffrey (68 copies)
Roni Horn by Louise Neri (67 copies)
Walker Evans by Lucy Sante (57 copies)
This is Blythe by Blythe (57 copies)
The Valley by Larry Sultan (55 copies)
Nadar by James Henry Rubin (55 copies)
Own Death by Péter Nádas (55 copies)
Underworld by Kelly Klein (50 copies)
The Arch by Joel Meyerowitz (47 copies)
Eikoh Hosoe by 細江 英公 (46 copies)
Lewis Hine by Mary Panzer (45 copies)
Staring Back by Chris Marker (43 copies)
Philosophers by Steve Pyke (42 copies)
Roger Fenton by Roger Fenton (42 copies)
In England by Don McCullin (39 copies)
Deja-vu by Ralph Gibson (39 copies)
5x7 by William Eggleston (37 copies)
Hart Island by Melinda Hunt (37 copies)
Baron at the Ballet by Baron (36 copies)
Days at Sea by Ralph Gibson (35 copies)
Sudek by Sonja Bullaty (34 copies)
Willy Ronis by Paul Ryan (34 copies)
Meetings by Paul Shambroom (33 copies)
SX-70 Art by Ralph Gibson (31 copies)
Walls by Deidi von Schaewen (30 copies)
Sirens by Marco Glaviano (28 copies)
Americana by André Kertész (27 copies)
Bay/Sky by Joel Meyerowitz (27 copies)
Lost Angeles by Paul Jasmin (27 copies)
Windows by Val Clery (27 copies)
Color by Sheila Metzner (26 copies)
Autumn by Jean Mulatier (24 copies)
Light Years by Ralph Gibson (23 copies)
Reservations by Diane Keaton (23 copies)
Fred Picker by Fred Picker (23 copies)
The English by Ian Berry (22 copies)
Tropism by Ralph Gibson (21 copies)
Lovers by Hanns Reich (21 copies)
Mr. Salesman by Diane Keaton (20 copies)
Iowa by Nancy Rexroth (20 copies)
Syntax by Ralph Gibson (20 copies)
Throb by Andy Summers (19 copies)
On Style by Inge Morath (18 copies)
Steve McQueen by Kim Clara (17 copies)
Park City by Lewis Baltz (16 copies)
Between by Victor Burgin (16 copies)
Photogrids by Sol LeWitt (16 copies)
Analogue by Zoe Leonard (15 copies)
Monsters by Charlie White (15 copies)
Photo Film by Danny Lyon (15 copies)
Irving Penn by Irving Penn (14 copies)
Chiaroscuro by Ralph Gibson (14 copies)
Fiction by Michael Ackerman (14 copies)
Hellas by Herbert List (13 copies)
Sugimoto by Hiroshi Sugimoto (13 copies)
Meadowland by Ray Mortenson (13 copies)
Art on paper (12 copies)
Labyrinth by Dolorès Marat (12 copies)
Glory by Robert D'Alessandro (11 copies)
Constructs by Barbara Kasten (11 copies)
The bare feet by Nell Dorr (10 copies)
Chairs by Shirley C. Burden (10 copies)
Micro Art by Roberto Dabdoub (10 copies)
Willie by Ken Heyman (8 copies)
Under The Sun by Adam Fuss (7 copies)
14th St by Sy. Rubin (7 copies)
Max Dupain by Max Dupain (6 copies)
Brassai (5 copies)
Alair Gomes by Alair Gomes (4 copies)
Photo National (4 copies)
Detour by Allen Frame (4 copies)
Magnump0s (3 copies)
Three acts by John Divola (3 copies)
Tono Stano by Tono Stano (3 copies)
Contrasts by Koo Stark (3 copies)
Open passport by John Max (3 copies)
Josef Sudek by Josef Sudek (3 copies)
Baggage by D. H. Porter (3 copies)
Shadow by Arthur Tress (3 copies)
Sudek by Josef Sudek (2 copies)
Image nation (2 copies)
Ba-huts by Michal Rovner (1 copies)
Nexus by Murray Smith (1 copies)
Ansconian (1 copies)
Laura Cohen by Laura Cohen (1 copies)
Home by Ania Bien (1 copies)
Flora by Kathleen Barrows (1 copies)
Flesh & spirit (1 copies)
Golden palms by Ed Panar (1 copies)
Stopover by Hans Pieler (1 copies)
Filons by Nathalie Caron (1 copies)
Roger Eaton by Roger Eaton (1 copies)