Subject: Physicians


Physicians (49 works)

Physicians Alaska Drama (1365 works)

Physicians Drama (3 works)

Physicians Drama (3 works)

Physicians Fiction (171 works)

Physicians Fiction (150 works)

Books Under This Subject

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (25,481 copies)
Tell No One by Harlan Coben (5,351 copies)
Waiting by Ha Jin (3,981 copies)
Burmese Days by George Orwell (3,599 copies)
The Hollow by Agatha Christie (3,391 copies)
The Physician by Noah Gordon (3,037 copies)
Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis (2,032 copies)
Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen (2,026 copies)
Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell (1,907 copies)
Dr. Death by Jonathan Kellerman (1,876 copies)
Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini (1,629 copies)
24 Hours by Greg Iles (1,563 copies)
The House of God by Samuel Shem (1,346 copies)
Seizure by Robin Cook (1,148 copies)
The Citadel by A. J. Cronin (1,137 copies)
Harmful Intent by Robin Cook (1,070 copies)
Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman (1,017 copies)
Poor Things by Alasdair Gray (815 copies)
Mary Reilly by Valerie Martin (769 copies)
The Jury by Steve Martini (762 copies)
North River by Pete Hamill (725 copies)
Fatal by Michael Palmer (688 copies)
The Syndrome by John Case (495 copies)
About Face by Fern Michaels (342 copies)
Prizes by Erich Segal (301 copies)
The Covenant by Naomi Ragen (295 copies)
Pandemic by Daniel Kalla (294 copies)
Doctor Ted by Andrea Beaty (288 copies)
Blue River by Ethan Canin (258 copies)
Burning Road by Ann Benson (258 copies)
Intern by Doctor X (149 copies)
Blood Lies by Daniel Kalla (145 copies)
Fire and Ice by Paul Garrison (125 copies)
Resistance by Daniel Kalla (94 copies)
Fleshmarket by Nicola Morgan (93 copies)
Luke by Jill Shalvis (72 copies)
The Mission by Hans Habe (68 copies)
The Stain by Harry Kraus (66 copies)
Lethal Mercy by Harry Kraus (65 copies)
Camellia by Ginny Aiken (62 copies)
Coffins by Rodman Philbrick (61 copies)
Epitaph by James Siegel (56 copies)
Hart's Harbor by Deb Kastner (35 copies)
Game Plan by Charles Wilson (32 copies)
Gone to Earth by Rick Boyer (30 copies)
Virus by Graham Watkins (28 copies)
Moscow Metal by Rick Boyer (26 copies)
Yellow Bird by Rick Boyer (26 copies)
Dog Tags by Stephen Becker (15 copies)
Twice Dead by John Rhode (4 copies)