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Police England Drama (2 works)

Police England Fiction (209 works)

Police England Fiction (188 works)

Police England (1 work)

Books Under This Subject

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (10,454 copies)
Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers (4,785 copies)
The Lighthouse by P. D. James (3,741 copies)
The Murder Room by P. D. James (3,454 copies)
Cover Her Face by P. D. James (3,211 copies)
A Taste for Death by P. D. James (3,044 copies)
A Certain Justice by P. D. James (3,042 copies)
Original Sin by P. D. James (2,888 copies)
Towards Zero by Agatha Christie (2,690 copies)
A Mind to Murder by P. D. James (2,230 copies)
The Black Tower by P. D. James (2,172 copies)
Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd (1,822 copies)
Birdman by Mo Hayder (1,757 copies)
A Test of Wills by Charles Todd (1,592 copies)
Gallows View by Peter Robinson (1,572 copies)
The Breaker by Minette Walters (1,497 copies)
Dead Simple by Peter James (1,433 copies)
A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh (1,357 copies)
Aftermath by Peter Robinson (1,239 copies)
Fox Evil by Minette Walters (1,210 copies)
Strange Affair by Peter Robinson (1,144 copies)
The Treatment by Mo Hayder (1,097 copies)
Callander Square by Anne Perry (1,088 copies)
The Old Silent by Martha Grimes (1,086 copies)
The Dirty Duck by Martha Grimes (1,019 copies)
Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh (1,008 copies)
End in Tears by Ruth Rendell (1,007 copies)
Dust by Martha Grimes (965 copies)
Road Rage by Ruth Rendell (950 copies)
Harm Done by Ruth Rendell (949 copies)
Simisola by Ruth Rendell (913 copies)
Paragon Walk by Anne Perry (908 copies)
Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh (867 copies)
Wings of Fire by Charles Todd (842 copies)
Pentecost Alley by Anne Perry (813 copies)
Lost by Michael Robotham (812 copies)
Black Dog by Stephen Booth (801 copies)
Bluegate Fields by Anne Perry (791 copies)
Dead Right by Peter Robinson (776 copies)
Bedford Square by Anne Perry (772 copies)
Traitors Gate by Anne Perry (757 copies)
Light Thickens by Ngaio Marsh (756 copies)
Rutland Place by Anne Perry (754 copies)
When in Rome by Ngaio Marsh (740 copies)
Ashworth Hall by Anne Perry (737 copies)
Seven Dials by Anne Perry (725 copies)
Grave Mistake by Ngaio Marsh (723 copies)
Dark Assassin by Anne Perry (718 copies)
Bethlehem Road by Anne Perry (714 copies)
Dead Water by Ngaio Marsh (712 copies)
Highgate Rise by Anne Perry (710 copies)
Farriers' Lane by Anne Perry (704 copies)
Long Spoon Lane by Anne Perry (686 copies)
Southampton Row by Anne Perry (681 copies)
Last Ditch by Ngaio Marsh (680 copies)
Killer Dolphin by Ngaio Marsh (666 copies)
Lifeless by Mark Billingham (654 copies)
Belgrave Square by Anne Perry (651 copies)
A Pale Horse by Charles Todd (621 copies)
A Broken Vessel by Kate Ross (522 copies)
Exit Lines by Reginald Hill (475 copies)
Black Out by John Lawton (461 copies)
Lonely Hearts by John Harvey (422 copies)
Child's Play by Reginald Hill (413 copies)
Under World by Reginald Hill (395 copies)
Bloodhounds by Peter Lovesey (359 copies)
Rainbow's End by Ellis Peters (345 copies)
The Vault by Peter Lovesey (309 copies)
Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey (282 copies)
Dying to Sin by Stephen Booth (281 copies)
Mourning Raga by Ellis Peters (280 copies)
Cutting Edge by John Harvey (277 copies)
Off Minor by John Harvey (252 copies)
Cold Light by John Harvey (232 copies)
Easy Meat by John Harvey (213 copies)
Waxwork by Peter Lovesey (199 copies)
Last Rites by John Harvey (194 copies)
Still Water by John Harvey (194 copies)
Living Proof by John Harvey (193 copies)
Die With Me by Elena Forbes (190 copies)
No Trace by Barry Maitland (174 copies)
Still Waters by Nigel McCrery (174 copies)
Abracadaver by Peter Lovesey (170 copies)
Scene of Crime by Jill McGown (133 copies)
Bodies by Robert Barnard (124 copies)
Gently Does It by Alan Hunter (124 copies)
The Greenway by Jane Adams (117 copies)
Verdict Unsafe by Jill McGown (112 copies)
Landed Gently by Alan Hunter (98 copies)
Dear Laura by Jean Stubbs (69 copies)
O Gentle Death by Janet Neel (64 copies)
Eton Crop by Bill James (48 copies)
Kingdom of Lies by Lee Wood (42 copies)
Case Closed by June Thomson (42 copies)
Broken Lines by Jo Bannister (41 copies)
Fade to Grey by Jane Adams (40 copies)
Death Prone by Clare Curzon (33 copies)
Dead Letter by Douglas Clark (29 copies)
Up and Down by Mat Coward (16 copies)
The Return by Peter Turnbull (15 copies)
Suspect by B. M. Gill (12 copies)
Unhung Man by Alan Hunter (7 copies)
Over Here by Alan Hunter (3 copies)
Blood Ties by Pauline Bell (3 copies)