Subject: Political fiction


Books Under This Subject

Animal Farm by George Orwell (56,532 copies)
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (51,226 copies)
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (50,594 copies)
Deception Point by Dan Brown (19,703 copies)
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (11,017 copies)
Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak (10,750 copies)
Hard Times by Charles Dickens (10,563 copies)
Saturday by Ian McEwan (10,075 copies)
The Tin Drum by Günter Grass (7,334 copies)
Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (6,105 copies)
Germinal by Émile Zola (5,075 copies)
The Camel Club by David Baldacci (5,004 copies)
Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy (4,723 copies)
Nostromo by Joseph Conrad (4,550 copies)
The Collectors by David Baldacci (4,325 copies)
Split Second by David Baldacci (4,279 copies)
We the Living by Ayn Rand (4,012 copies)
Stone Cold by David Baldacci (3,749 copies)
Absolute Power by David Baldacci (3,483 copies)
Saving Faith by David Baldacci (3,261 copies)
Jennifer Government by Max Barry (3,015 copies)
American Tabloid by James Ellroy (2,723 copies)
Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn (2,615 copies)
The Comedians by Graham Greene (2,580 copies)
Primary Colors by Joe Klein (2,571 copies)
Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell (2,557 copies)
Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens (2,435 copies)
The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva (2,375 copies)
Shame by Salman Rushdie (2,369 copies)
Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn (2,320 copies)
What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe (2,268 copies)
Memorial Day by Vince Flynn (2,239 copies)
Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (2,219 copies)
The Third Option by Vince Flynn (2,208 copies)
Black Dogs by Ian McEwan (2,201 copies)
The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer (2,167 copies)
Term Limits by Vince Flynn (2,115 copies)
Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn (1,995 copies)
Man in the Dark by Paul Auster (1,837 copies)
Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope (1,819 copies)
Interface by Neal Stephenson (1,769 copies)
Dead Air by Iain Banks (1,654 copies)
Dead Watch by John Sandford (1,542 copies)
Red Square by Martin Cruz Smith (1,483 copies)
The Iron Heel by Jack London (1,393 copies)
The Simulacra by Philip K. Dick (1,363 copies)
The Peace War by Vernor Vinge (1,283 copies)
Oil! by Upton Sinclair (1,267 copies)
Politika by Jerome Preisler (1,226 copies)
Final Target by Iris Johansen (1,225 copies)
Seizure by Robin Cook (1,124 copies)
Distraction by Bruce Sterling (1,047 copies)
Fail-Safe by Eugene Burdick (871 copies)
Damascus Gate by Robert Stone (827 copies)
The Crazed by Ha Jin (795 copies)
Coyote by Allen Steele (787 copies)
The Coup by John Updike (783 copies)
Moonfall by Jack McDevitt (760 copies)
Warlock by Oakley Hall (741 copies)
Our Gang by Philip Roth (731 copies)
The Golden Age by Gore Vidal (725 copies)
Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson (701 copies)
Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore (695 copies)
A Man by Oriana Fallaci (674 copies)
Emerald Sea by John Ringo (661 copies)
The Run by Stuart Woods (654 copies)
The Flower Net by Lisa See (649 copies)
Hong Kong by Stephen Coonts (634 copies)
Indiana by George Sand (628 copies)
Running Dog by Don DeLillo (620 copies)
Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin (579 copies)
A God in Ruins by Leon Uris (566 copies)
Magic Seeds by V. S. Naipaul (550 copies)
Plan of Attack by Dale Brown (494 copies)
Cal by Bernard MacLaverty (493 copies)
Grass Roots by Stuart Woods (474 copies)
Number Ten by Sue Townsend (463 copies)
The Garlic Ballads by Mo Yan (448 copies)
God Is Dead by Jr. Ron Currie (420 copies)
Wild Ginger by Anchee Min (409 copies)
Millennium by Ben Bova (404 copies)
Mortals by Norman Rush (363 copies)
Flash by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (354 copies)
Whitewash by Alex Kava (337 copies)
Braided Lives by Marge Piercy (316 copies)
Day of Wrath by Larry Bond (313 copies)
Cimarron by Edna Ferber (306 copies)
The Running Mate by Joe Klein (297 copies)
The Shot by Philip Kerr (296 copies)
Roscoe by William Kennedy (293 copies)
Big If by Mark Costello (283 copies)
Echo House by Ward Just (280 copies)
Exact Revenge by Tim Green (279 copies)
Headwind by John J. Nance (268 copies)
Sammy's House by Kristin Gore (255 copies)
The Presence by T. Davis Bunn (235 copies)
Monstrum by Donald James (231 copies)
Alburquerque by Rudolfo Anaya (228 copies)
The Aerodrome by Rex Warner (228 copies)
Trust Fund by Stephen Frey (222 copies)
The Clansman by Thomas Dixon (205 copies)
The First 48 by Tim Green (197 copies)
Falling by Anne Provoost (189 copies)
Gossip by Christopher Bram (182 copies)
Stiff by Shane Maloney (179 copies)
Resistance by Barry Lopez (163 copies)
Ah, Treachery! by Ross Thomas (152 copies)
Gifts by Nuruddin Farah (139 copies)
Empire Rising by Thomas Kelly (138 copies)
Salt by Earl Lovelace (135 copies)
Man About Town by Mark Merlis (134 copies)
The Shell Game by Steve Alten (134 copies)
Konfidenz by Ariel Dorfman (132 copies)
Honey Don't by Tim Sandlin (131 copies)
Nice Try by Shane Maloney (129 copies)
The Big Ask by Shane Maloney (119 copies)
Hades by Russell Andrews (116 copies)
Now You Know by Michael Frayn (108 copies)
Zanzibar by Giles Foden (107 copies)
Mrs Harris MP by Paul Gallico (104 copies)
Sarkhan by William J. Lederer (104 copies)
Power Curve by Richard Herman (104 copies)
The Translator by Ward Just (104 copies)
Jack Gance by Ward Just (93 copies)
Civil Wars by Rosellen Brown (83 copies)
Purple Dots by Jim Lehrer (80 copies)
Anna Hastings by Allen Drury (80 copies)
Sardines by Nuruddin Farah (79 copies)
The Woody by Peter Lefcourt (69 copies)
The Voyage by Robert MacNeil (67 copies)
Mascara by Ariel Dorfman (65 copies)
David's Story by Zoë Wicomb (65 copies)
The Provost by John Galt (64 copies)
Visa for Avalon by Bryher (57 copies)
Face-Time by Erik Tarloff (56 copies)
Sunflower by Marilyn Sharp (54 copies)
Intern by Bonnie Hearn Hill (52 copies)
Glass Tiger by Joe Gores (50 copies)
Amriika by M. G. Vassanji (47 copies)
Stealth War by Jeff Rovin (45 copies)
One of Us by Melissa Benn (44 copies)
Capital City by Mari Sandoz (44 copies)
Smith's Dream by C. K. Stead (44 copies)
Crime Story by Maurice Gee (43 copies)
51st State by Peter Preston (34 copies)
Water, Inc. by Varda Burstyn (30 copies)
Wonderdog by Inman Majors (27 copies)
I, JFK by Robert Mayer (26 copies)
Gambit by Karna Small Bodman (25 copies)
The Ford by Mary Austin (25 copies)
Nightlines by Neil Jordan (23 copies)
The Senator by Drew Pearson (22 copies)
Crown Oklahoma by Jim Lehrer (19 copies)
Donovan's Wife by Tom Wicker (18 copies)
The Racket by Anita Mason (16 copies)
Blown Away by Perry Wynn (16 copies)
Powertown by Michael Lind (15 copies)
Ratoons by Daphne Rooke (13 copies)
China Card by Thomas Blood (12 copies)
Szabad by Alan Duff (11 copies)
Public Life by Ellen Akins (11 copies)
Shark by Bruce Pascoe (8 copies)
Foxhunt by Bertie Denham (7 copies)
Moscow Yankee by Myra Page (7 copies)
Homeland by R. H. Weber (5 copies)
Dan Minturn by M H Hedges (2 copies)