Subject: Popular music


Popular music (250 works)

Books Under This Subject

Roots by Alex Haley (6,502 copies)
31 Songs by Nick Hornby (2,291 copies)
Synchronicity by The Police (111 copies)
Aqualung by Jethro Tull (110 copies)
Astral Weeks by Van Morrison (92 copies)
Closer by Josh Groban (88 copies)
We Can't Dance by Genesis (86 copies)
Hounds of Love by Kate Bush (77 copies)
Four by Blues Traveler (76 copies)
Music by Madonna (73 copies)
Gordon by Barenaked Ladies (44 copies)
The Man Machine by Kraftwerk (40 copies)
Diamonds & Rust by Joan Baez (39 copies)
The One by Elton John (36 copies)
Stankonia by OutKast (35 copies)
Benefit by Jethro Tull (29 copies)
Touch by Sarah McLachlan (26 copies)
Wildflowers by Judy Collins (21 copies)
Hawks & Doves by Neil Young (20 copies)
Foreigner by Yusuf Islam (17 copies)
You and Me Both by Yaz (16 copies)
Untitled by The Byrds (15 copies)
Kiln House by Fleetwood Mac (14 copies)
Boomer's Story by Ry Cooder (14 copies)
Cat Stevens by Yusuf Islam (14 copies)
Chicago VII by Chicago (12 copies)
Puddle Dive by Ani DiFranco (11 copies)
Catch The Wind by Donovan (9 copies)
Farther Along by The Byrds (8 copies)
Black Moses by Isaac Hayes (6 copies)
Poco by Poco (5 copies)
Love by Rosemary Clooney (5 copies)
At Large by Kingston Trio (5 copies)
Yellow fever by Hot Tuna (2 copies)
Magic Man by Herb Alpert (2 copies)
Meanwhile by Camouflage (2 copies)
Gloria by Linda Spevacek (1 copies)
Harmony by Gheorghe Zamfir (1 copies)