Subject: Prehistoric peoples


Books Under This Subject

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (2,221 copies)
Shardik by Richard Adams (1,989 copies)
Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell (1,823 copies)
Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer (1,797 copies)
Humans by Robert J. Sawyer (1,122 copies)
Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver (1,039 copies)
The First Dog by Jan Brett (995 copies)
Hybrids by Robert J. Sawyer (950 copies)
Soul Eater by Michelle Paver (852 copies)
Outcast by Michelle Paver (661 copies)
Before Adam by Jack London (399 copies)
Almost Adam by Petru Popescu (381 copies)
The Kin by Peter Dickinson (268 copies)
Stonehenge by John North (154 copies)
Celtic Britain by Lloyd Laing (141 copies)
Stonehenge by R. S. Newall (100 copies)
Dawn Land by Joseph Bruchac (100 copies)
Me Hungry! by Jeremy Tankard (77 copies)
Mik's Mammoth by Roy Gerrard (75 copies)
Wind Rider by Susan Williams (59 copies)
The Pits by Lesley Howarth (18 copies)
Hyaenas by Sandy Dengler (3 copies)