Subject: Presidents United States


Books Under This Subject

John Adams by David McCullough (12,998 copies)
Truman by David McCullough (5,571 copies)
My Life by Bill Clinton (4,313 copies)
Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris (4,103 copies)
American Lion by Jon Meacham (2,994 copies)
Lincoln by David Herbert Donald (2,861 copies)
The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer (2,162 copies)
Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward (1,744 copies)
FDR by Jean Edward Smith (834 copies)
Grant by Jean Edward Smith (594 copies)
The Family by Kitty Kelley (513 copies)
James Madison by Garry Wills (432 copies)
The Choice by Bob Woodward (381 copies)
Assassins by Stephen Sondheim (234 copies)
James Monroe by Gary Hart (192 copies)
Honest Abe by Edith Kunhardt (182 copies)
Eisenhower by Geoffrey Perret (150 copies)
Garfield by Allan Peskin (138 copies)
Jackie Oh! by Kitty Kelley (125 copies)
Empire State by Colin Bateman (115 copies)
At Any Cost by Bill Sammon (92 copies)
Jefferson by Albert Jay Nock (84 copies)
Truman by Roy Jenkins (51 copies)
Leap Year by Steve Erickson (48 copies)
Reagan by Lou Cannon (47 copies)
LBJ: A Life by Irwin Unger (40 copies)
Character by Gail Sheehy (38 copies)
Teapot Dome by Burl Noggle (25 copies)
Bush Must Go by Bill Press (23 copies)
A new beginning by Ed Clark (20 copies)
Candidates '88 (2 copies)