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(0) " which closes it. None of the retellings are particularly inspired and a number include rhymed couplets that interrupt the flow of the story. Most of these women and girls are not particularly likable; they are spoiled(0) " which opens the book(0) 2.0(0) 2(0) 5.9(0) 183(0) 1721(0) 2010(0) 2012(0) 2013(0) adventure(0) adventure and adventurers - folklore(0) Africa(0) African Culture(0) ages 8-10(0) Akamba(0) Ancient Greece(0) and "The Sleeping Beauty(0) and dependent. Only the Persian princess shows any self-reliance. Colorful full-paged and spot illustrations decorate the book but do not enhance it. The origin of each tale is noted under the title but the author's source notes are personal rather than d(0) and other cultures from around the world are represented in this collection. Only two of the seven tales are readily available elsewhere-"The Princess and the Pea(0) anthology(0) ar 2.0(0) arab folklore(0) Arabian Nights(0) Asia(0) Asian Culture(0) audio(0) audiobook(0) audiobooks(0) Barbie(0) barbies(0) barefoot books(0) bedroom library(0) Bernadette Osborn(0) Black(0) book(0) Box 15(0) Brothers Grimm(0) chapter book(0) child(0) children(0) children's(0) children's books(0) children's fiction(0) Children's Fiction Early Reader(0) children's literature(0) children/ya(0) China(0) chinaberry(0) Chinese(0) Chinese folklore(0) Cinderella(0) classic fairy tales(0) classic illustrated editions(0) classical mythology(0) classics(0) classroom(0) Country:China(0) courage(0) culture(0) culture:european(0) dance(0) dancing(0) danger(0) Delia(0) Denmark(0) Donated by the Storefront Library(0) donations(0) drwl(0) e(0) easy reader(0) easy-read(0) elementary school audience(0) English(0) Europe(0) f erw(0) fairy tale(0) fairy tale retelling(0) fairy tales(0) Fairy tales & folk tales bin(0) fairy tales and fables(0) fairy tales and folklore(0) fairy tales folklore and mythology(0) fairy tales retold(0) fantasy(0) Fantasy & Folklore(0) fiction(0) Fiction/Picture Book(0) first reader(0) Folk & Fairy Tales(0) folklore(0) folklore collections(0) folklore/mythology(0) folktales(0) folktales/fairy tales/myths/legends(0) Frog Prince(0) Frogs and Toads(0) From:MarilynSiebert(0) german folklore(0) Germany(0) give away 2010(0) Grade K-3-Persian(0) Greece(0) Green Dot(0) Guatemala(0) Hans Christian Andersen(0) hard work(0) hc(0) humility(0) illustrated(0) illustration(0) India(0) indian folklore(0) international(0) Iran(0) Iroquois(0) JayeBox7(0) je(0) je rub(0) JrEl 3a(0) Junior Easy(0) juvenile(0) Kalmuch(0) kids(0) kids 9-19(0) language(0) Latin America(0) Level 3(0) Level W(0) Leveled Reader(0) light(0) literature(0) LocUnknown(0) love(0) magic(0) Maren(0) marriage(0) May 2009(0) mayan folklore(0) Mayan people(0) moon(0) morality(0) motifs(0) movie tie-in(0) movie/tv characters(0) multicultural(0) multiculturalism(0) mythology(0) Native Americans(0) Olwyn Whelan(0) paperback(0) Peria(0) Persia(0) persian folklore(0) picture book(0) primary school(0) princess(0) Princess and the Pea(0) princess stories(0) princesses - folklore(0) princesses read complicated books(0) psyche(0) pts 0.5(0) quiz #108903(0) rabbits(0) read(0) Ready to Read Series(0) Red Dot(0) Richard Walker(0) rl 2.0(0) royalty(0) Russia(0) russian folklore(0) Ruth Sanderson(0) School Library(0) self-centered(0) Shelf 5(0) short stories(0) short story(0) SI624fall10(0) Sleeping Beauty(0) Snow White(0) South Africa(0) south african folklore(0) stats(0) Step 2(0) stories(0) storytelling(0) Storytime CD(0) sun(0) to-girls(0) To:KatrinaShedd(0) To:VictoriaRice(0) Traditional Tales(0) transformation(0) uncategorized(0) urj(0) urs(0) women(0) world(0) world tales(0) xc(0) Xhosa(0) xhosa folklore(0) Xhosa people(0) young adult(0)

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Princesses Folklore (5 works)

Princesses Folklore (3 works)

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