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Racism (54 works)

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Books Under This Subject

Small Island by Andrea Levy (3,943 copies)
A Mercy by Toni Morrison (3,388 copies)
Another Country by James Baldwin (2,774 copies)
Gold Dust by Chris Lynch (276 copies)
Scottsboro by Ellen Feldman (263 copies)
River Rising by Athol Dickson (210 copies)
The Clansman by Thomas Dixon (204 copies)
The Island by Armin Greder (182 copies)
Sweet Eyes by Jonis Agee (60 copies)
Plan B by Chester Himes (53 copies)
Rebound by Bob Krech (51 copies)
Frontier by Henry Reynolds (43 copies)
Race by Steven Gregory (27 copies)
Sweet & Crazy by Patty Dann (14 copies)
Street Scene by Paul Kropp (8 copies)