Subject: Rock music


Rock music (89 works)

Rock music 1961-1970 (140 works)

Rock music 1971-1980 (237 works)

Rock music 1981-1990 (329 works)

Rock music 1991-2000 (309 works)

Rock music 2001-2010 (104 works)

Rock music England (21 works)

Books Under This Subject

Dog Train by Sandra Boynton (431 copies)
Revolver by The Beatles (273 copies)
Greatest Hits by Queen (221 copies)
Lost in Music by Giles Smith (184 copies)
Who's Next by The Who (143 copies)
In Utero by Nirvana (118 copies)
Parachutes by Coldplay (113 copies)
Synchronicity by The Police (111 copies)
Green by R.E.M. (105 copies)
Document by R.E.M. (103 copies)
Post by Björk (99 copies)
X&Y by Coldplay (95 copies)
Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty (93 copies)
Pop by U2 (92 copies)
Disraeli Gears by Cream (88 copies)
Rain Dogs by Tom Waits (87 copies)
We Can't Dance by Genesis (86 copies)
Combat Rock by The Clash (84 copies)
Nick Of Time by Bonnie Raitt (76 copies)
Moving Pictures by Rush (76 copies)
Harvest Moon by Neil Young (76 copies)
Music by Madonna (73 copies)
Closer by Joy Division (70 copies)
Murmur by R.E.M. (69 copies)
The Band by The Band (65 copies)
Eponymous by R.E.M. (64 copies)
Face Value by Phil Collins (64 copies)
Tusk by Fleetwood Mac (62 copies)
Lifes Rich Pageant by R.E.M. (61 copies)
Marquee Moon by Television (59 copies)
Substance by New Order (57 copies)
Reckoning by R.E.M. (52 copies)
Mellow Gold by Beck (51 copies)
Bone Machine by Tom Waits (50 copies)
Audioslave by Audioslave (49 copies)
Dreamboat Annie by Heart (47 copies)
The Dreaming by Kate Bush (47 copies)
Hopes and Fears by Keane (47 copies)
Signals by Rush (45 copies)
Alice by Tom Waits (45 copies)
Pinkerton by Weezer (44 copies)
The Bridge by Billy Joel (42 copies)
Permanent Waves by Rush (41 copies)
The Wind by Warren Zevon (41 copies)
World Clique by Deee-Lite (40 copies)
Red by King Crimson (38 copies)
Upstairs at Erics by Yaz (38 copies)
Stand Up by Jethro Tull (38 copies)
Grace Under Pressure by Rush (38 copies)
Sandinista! by The Clash (36 copies)
POP! - 20 Hits by Erasure (34 copies)
Mixed Up by The Cure (33 copies)
1200 Curfews by Indigo Girls (33 copies)
Let It Rain by Tracy Chapman (33 copies)
Out Of Exile by Audioslave (33 copies)
Blind Melon by Blind Melon (32 copies)
12 X 5 by The Rolling Stones (32 copies)
Singles by The Smiths (32 copies)
The Cure by The Cure (31 copies)
Lost in Space by Aimee Mann (30 copies)
Strange Fire by Indigo Girls (30 copies)
Low Life by New Order (30 copies)
The Innocents by Erasure (30 copies)
Fifth Dimension by The Byrds (29 copies)
Sister by Sonic Youth (29 copies)
Control by Janet Jackson (29 copies)
Hard Candy by Counting Crows (28 copies)
Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams (28 copies)
Mirage by Fleetwood Mac (28 copies)
Shangri-La by Mark Knopfler (27 copies)
Radio-Activity by Kraftwerk (27 copies)
Revival by Gillian Welch (26 copies)
Deluxe by Better Than Ezra (26 copies)
August by Eric Clapton (25 copies)
Technique by New Order (25 copies)
Caribou by Elton John (25 copies)
Get Ready by New Order (23 copies)
Warchild by Jethro Tull (23 copies)
Wrong Way Up by Brian Eno (23 copies)
Rubycon by Tangerine Dream (22 copies)
Wonderland (20 copies)
Dr. John's Gumbo by Dr. John (19 copies)
Blue Moves by Elton John (17 copies)
Foreigner by Yusuf Islam (17 copies)
Bare Trees by Fleetwood Mac (17 copies)
You and Me Both by Yaz (16 copies)
Seven by James (15 copies)
Wild by Erasure (15 copies)
Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy (15 copies)
Odds & Sods by The Who (14 copies)
Trans by Neil Young (13 copies)
Lyrics by Paul Kelly (12 copies)
Pure Guava by Ween (12 copies)
Penguin by Fleetwood Mac (11 copies)
Johnny The Fox by Thin Lizzy (11 copies)
Cyclone by Tangerine Dream (10 copies)
French Kiss by Bob Welch (10 copies)
Whiplash by James (10 copies)
Talula by Tori Amos (10 copies)
Labour of Lust by Nick Lowe (10 copies)
21 at 33 by Elton John (9 copies)
Disco 2 by Pet Shop Boys (9 copies)
Fighting by Thin Lizzy (8 copies)
Stomp 442 by Anthrax (8 copies)
Jump Up! by Elton John (8 copies)
El Rayo-X by David Lindley (8 copies)
King's X by King's X (7 copies)
Nightbird by Erasure (6 copies)
Rose of cimarron by Poco (6 copies)
Odyssey by Fischerspooner (6 copies)
Melrose by Tangerine Dream (5 copies)
Closer by Better Than Ezra (5 copies)
LIFE - LIVE by Thin Lizzy (5 copies)
Dogman by King's X (5 copies)
Soup by Blind Melon (5 copies)
Union Street by Erasure (4 copies)
Smoke by Drivin' N Cryin (4 copies)
Blue House by Marcia Ball (4 copies)
Coral Fang by Distillers (3 copies)
Hup by Wonder Stuff (2 copies)
Nothingface (1 copies)