Subject: Rock musicians


Rock musicians (13 works)

Books Under This Subject

Idoru by William Gibson (5,753 copies)
Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot (2,655 copies)
Rock Star by Jackie Collins (467 copies)
Spider Kiss by Harlan Ellison (360 copies)
Glimpses by Lewis Shiner (276 copies)
Lost in Music by Giles Smith (184 copies)
Panama by Thomas McGuane (177 copies)
If Only by Geri Halliwell (153 copies)
Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton (152 copies)
Shock Rock by Jeff Gelb (149 copies)
Rock Dreams by Guy Peellaert (148 copies)
Cold Iron by Melisa Michaels (119 copies)
Gravitation by Jun Lennon (119 copies)
Tender by Mark Childress (116 copies)
Groupie by Jenny Fabian (79 copies)
Loving John by May Pang (75 copies)
Elton John by Philip Norman (74 copies)
The Infernal by Kim Wilkins (57 copies)
Lunch by Karen Moline (55 copies)
Clapton by Ray Coleman (47 copies)
The Brothers by Art Neville (47 copies)
Blondie by Lester Bangs (37 copies)
Rock Style by Tommy Hilfiger (22 copies)
Goin' Coconuts by Vic Crume (12 copies)
Pop Today by Gavin Petrie (5 copies)
Kisstory by Jeff Kitts (4 copies)
Pop Stars by Jeremy Reed (3 copies)
Eurythmics by Paul Roland (3 copies)
Marc Bolan by Ted Dicks (2 copies)