Subject: Science fiction, American


Books Under This Subject

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (49,771 copies)
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (19,188 copies)
Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert (14,703 copies)
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (14,042 copies)
Children of Dune by Frank Herbert (12,599 copies)
Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (7,779 copies)
Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey (5,901 copies)
Burning Chrome by William Gibson (5,323 copies)
Gateway by Frederik Pohl (4,353 copies)
Little, Big by John Crowley (3,977 copies)
Startide Rising by David Brin (3,958 copies)
Sundiver by David Brin (3,748 copies)
The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers (3,659 copies)
Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany (3,487 copies)
The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey (3,322 copies)
Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey (3,320 copies)
Damia by Anne McCaffrey (2,790 copies)
Robot Dreams by Isaac Asimov (2,013 copies)
Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert (1,993 copies)
Cities in Flight by James Blish (1,679 copies)
Robot Visions by Isaac Asimov (1,639 copies)
Neutron Star by Larry Niven (1,591 copies)
Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov (1,347 copies)
Fire Watch by Connie Willis (1,206 copies)
Refugee by Piers Anthony (1,202 copies)
Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper (1,120 copies)
Explorer by C. J. Cherryh (1,002 copies)
Cuckoo's Egg by C. J. Cherryh (951 copies)
Destroyer by C. J. Cherryh (889 copies)
Limits by Larry Niven (822 copies)
Pretender by C. J. Cherryh (792 copies)
Jaran by Kate Elliott (751 copies)
Deliverer by C. J. Cherryh (743 copies)
God of Tarot by Piers Anthony (734 copies)
Requiem by Robert A. Heinlein (701 copies)
Cachalot by Alan Dean Foster (682 copies)
Tangents by Greg Bear (516 copies)
Anthonology by Piers Anthony (497 copies)
Futureland by Walter Mosley (448 copies)
Tainted Trail by Wen Spencer (423 copies)
Sunfall by C. J. Cherryh (415 copies)
Eternity Row by S. L. Viehl (406 copies)
Gods and Pawns by Kage Baker (383 copies)
Dog Warrior by Wen Spencer (377 copies)
Starburst by Alfred Bester (375 copies)
Federation by H. Beam Piper (367 copies)
Reclamation by Sarah Zettel (359 copies)
Karavans by Jennifer Roberson (351 copies)
Paratime by H. Beam Piper (345 copies)
Trapped by James Alan Gardner (314 copies)
Empire by H. Beam Piper (303 copies)
Ports of Call by Jack Vance (302 copies)
Ring of Fire II by Eric Flint (285 copies)
Castle of Days by Gene Wolfe (284 copies)
Pilots Choice by Sharon Lee (280 copies)
Water Witch by Connie Willis (276 copies)
The Warmasters by David Weber (271 copies)
Caviar by Theodore Sturgeon (250 copies)
Space Opera by Brian Aldiss (247 copies)
Alastor by Jack Vance (244 copies)
Scatterbrain by Larry Niven (223 copies)
Redemolished by Alfred Bester (204 copies)
Patterns by Pat Cadigan (201 copies)
Epoch by Roger Elwood (199 copies)
Cinnabar by Edward Bryant (197 copies)
Howard Who? by Howard Waldrop (196 copies)
No Limits by Peter David (187 copies)
Tyranopolis by A. E. van Vogt (187 copies)
The Wellstone by Wil McCarthy (183 copies)
Infinity Box by Kate Wilhelm (178 copies)
Deus X by Norman Spinrad (174 copies)
Elemental by Steven Savile (169 copies)
Anywhen by James Blish (164 copies)
New Legends by Greg Bear (162 copies)
Endgame by C. J. Cherryh (161 copies)
The Prince by Jerry Pournelle (161 copies)
First Cycle by H. Beam Piper (159 copies)
Antinomy by Spider Robinson (158 copies)
The Big Eye by Max Ehrlich (158 copies)
Nightmare by Steven Harper (157 copies)
Three Novels by Damon Knight (148 copies)
Combat by Stephen Coonts (143 copies)
Conqueror by David Drake (142 copies)
Twist of Faith by S. D. Perry (140 copies)
Paradox Lost by Fredric Brown (138 copies)
Forward in Time by Ben Bova (137 copies)
The Narrow Land by Jack Vance (137 copies)
Star Watchman by Ben Bova (137 copies)
Warlord by David Drake (135 copies)
Far Out by Damon Knight (130 copies)
Universe 4 by Terry Carr (130 copies)
Moonsinger by Andre Norton (126 copies)
Wild Talent by Wilson Tucker (118 copies)
Continuum 1 by Roger Elwood (116 copies)
Flashpoint by Loren Coleman (116 copies)
Dream Makers by Charles Platt (115 copies)
Tombs by Peter Crowther (114 copies)
Nova 3 by Harry Harrison (108 copies)
Durdane by Jack Vance (107 copies)
The Futurians by Damon Knight (105 copies)
Space Lash by Hal Clement (102 copies)
Continuum 3 by Roger Elwood (98 copies)
Doona by Anne McCaffrey (97 copies)
Perpetual Light by Alan Ryan (97 copies)
The Planets by Byron Preiss (97 copies)
Orbit 1 by Damon Knight (92 copies)
Branch Point by Mona Clee (87 copies)
Future City by Roger Elwood (85 copies)
Planet Run by Keith Laumer (82 copies)
Futureshocks by Lou Anders (79 copies)
Crisis by David Drake (78 copies)
Alien Crimes by Mike Resnick (76 copies)
Turning On by Damon Knight (74 copies)
Witpunk by Claude Lalumière (72 copies)
Breaking Point by James Gunn (68 copies)
Nova 4 by Harry Harrison (67 copies)
Orbit 3 by Damon Knight (65 copies)
Alpha 5 by Robert Silverberg (64 copies)
Give Me Liberty by Mark Tier (62 copies)
On SF by Thomas M. Disch (59 copies)
Jubilee by Jack Dann (58 copies)
Omega by Roger Elwood (56 copies)
Orbit 13 by Damon Knight (55 copies)
Moon Shots by Peter Crowther (54 copies)
Dirty Work by Pat Cadigan (51 copies)
Pure Cop by Connie Fletcher (49 copies)
Speculations by Isaac Asimov (48 copies)
Clones! by Jack Dann (45 copies)
Four Futures by Isaac Asimov (45 copies)
Alpha 2 by Robert Silverberg (44 copies)
Yonder by Charles Beaumont (44 copies)
Last Enemy by H. Beam Piper (44 copies)
Crosstime by Andre Norton (44 copies)
Afterlives by Pamela Sargent (43 copies)
Genometry by Jack Dann (43 copies)
Ultimate X-Men by Stan Lee (42 copies)
3 × T by Harry Turtledove (41 copies)
Analog Yearbook by Ben Bova (40 copies)
Universe 6 by Terry Carr (37 copies)
Dream's Edge by Terry Carr (36 copies)
Cold Chills by Robert Bloch (32 copies)
Niven's Laws by Larry Niven (32 copies)
Iron Tears by R. A. Lafferty (31 copies)
Dimension 4 by Groff Conklin (30 copies)
Mists of Dawn by Chad Oliver (25 copies)
Orbit 15 by Damon Knight (24 copies)
The Fiend by Playboy Editors (22 copies)
Timetipping by Jack Dann (22 copies)
Heartbeeps by John Hill (18 copies)
Gene Wolfe by Joan Gordon (13 copies)
Young Wolfe by Gene Wolfe (12 copies)
Ray Bradbury by David Mogen (10 copies)
Future quest (1 copies)
Vertex 1-2 (1 copies)