Subject: Serial murders


Serial murders (4 works)

Books Under This Subject

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (9,752 copies)
The Alienist by Caleb Carr (9,374 copies)
1st to Die by James Patterson (7,869 copies)
Black House by Stephen King (7,322 copies)
Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell (7,020 copies)
The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks (6,899 copies)
Watchers by Dean Koontz (5,370 copies)
4th of July by James Patterson (5,338 copies)
One Shot by Lee Child (5,307 copies)
The Poet by Michael Connelly (5,111 copies)
The Narrows by Michael Connelly (4,547 copies)
Mary, Mary by James Patterson (4,524 copies)
The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen (4,240 copies)
Hour Game by David Baldacci (4,127 copies)
Velocity by Dean Koontz (4,122 copies)
Blood Work by Michael Connelly (3,726 copies)
Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (3,610 copies)
Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin (3,509 copies)
Brimstone by Douglas Preston (3,333 copies)
The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen (3,143 copies)
Chosen Prey by John Sandford (2,182 copies)
Monster by Jonathan Kellerman (2,132 copies)
Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag (1,974 copies)
Chill Factor by Sandra Brown (1,857 copies)
Silent Prey by John Sandford (1,763 copies)
Birdman by Mo Hayder (1,753 copies)
Monkeewrench by P. J. Tracy (1,676 copies)
Murder List by Julie Garwood (1,551 copies)
Burning Water by Mercedes Lackey (1,548 copies)
The Killing Hour by Lisa Gardner (1,502 copies)
Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride (1,291 copies)
A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava (1,265 copies)
Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham (1,263 copies)
Firestorm by Iris Johansen (1,237 copies)
Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates (1,160 copies)
Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag (1,109 copies)
The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale (1,078 copies)
Dying to Please by Linda Howard (1,069 copies)
The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon (1,058 copies)
Shiver by Lisa Jackson (1,058 copies)
Garnethill by Denise Mina (1,032 copies)
Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper (990 copies)
Dead Run by P. J. Tracy (988 copies)
Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper (950 copies)
Charade by Sandra Brown (920 copies)
13 Steps Down by Ruth Rendell (918 copies)
Simisola by Ruth Rendell (912 copies)
Sense of Evil by Kay Hooper (888 copies)
Split Second by Alex Kava (838 copies)
The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava (781 copies)
Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson (760 copies)
Lazybones by Mark Billingham (748 copies)
Safe House by Meg Cabot (723 copies)
Mucho Mojo by Joe R. Lansdale (718 copies)
Black Lightning by John Saul (695 copies)
Mulengro by Charles de Lint (664 copies)
Assassin by Ted Bell (625 copies)
Superstitious by R. L. Stine (576 copies)
Blinded by Stephen White (541 copies)
Palindrome by Stuart Woods (536 copies)
The Final Murder by Anne Holt (497 copies)
Show of Evil by William Diehl (492 copies)
Copy Cat by Erica Spindler (486 copies)
Fiddlers by Ed McBain (440 copies)
Nightlife by Thomas Perry (377 copies)
Psychopath by Keith Ablow (370 copies)
Bone Song by John Meaney (369 copies)
The Shark Net by Robert Drewe (367 copies)
The Halo Effect by M. J. Rose (356 copies)
A Wicked Snow by Gregg Olsen (334 copies)
Nine by Jan Burke (298 copies)
Dark Harbor by David Hosp (291 copies)
Pursuit by Thomas Perry (290 copies)
The Water Clock by Jim Kelly (289 copies)
Aphrodite by Russell Andrews (288 copies)
First Lady by Michael Malone (257 copies)
City of Fire by Robert Ellis (220 copies)
Watch Me by A.J. Holt (213 copies)
Locked Doors by Blake Crouch (203 copies)
The Arcanum by Thomas Wheeler (203 copies)
Blackburn by Bradley Denton (201 copies)
Still Water by John Harvey (194 copies)
The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly (194 copies)
Berlin by Pierre Frei (192 copies)
Jinn by Matthew B.J. Delaney (186 copies)
Projection by Keith Ablow (181 copies)
Cold Company by Sue Henry (170 copies)
No Man's Land by G. M. Ford (155 copies)
Puppets by Daniel Hecht (150 copies)
Cobalt by Nathan Aldyne (148 copies)
Night Vision by Paul Levine (145 copies)
Hangman by Michael Slade (141 copies)
The Dead by Ingrid Black (137 copies)
Jack the Ripper by Rick Geary (135 copies)
Clean Cut by Theresa Monsour (130 copies)
Canary by Nathan Aldyne (126 copies)
Flinch by Robert Ferrigno (126 copies)
Dark Places by Jon Evans (118 copies)
Darkside by P. T. Deutermann (116 copies)
Romeo by Elise Title (114 copies)
Body Politic by Paul Johnston (111 copies)
Soul/Mate by Rosamond Smith (109 copies)
Wolf Pass by Steve Thayer (107 copies)
Cottonwood by Scott Phillips (99 copies)
Peregrine by William Bayer (82 copies)
Frozen by Jay Bonansinga (81 copies)
For Edgar by Sheldon Rusch (81 copies)
Mannequin by J. Robert Janes (78 copies)
Red Ripper by Peter Conradi (78 copies)
Torsos by John Peyton Cooke (76 copies)
Chiller by Sterling Blake (74 copies)
The Edge by Mark Olshaker (57 copies)
Blood by Joseph Glass (50 copies)
Sunflower by Martha Powers (28 copies)
Loverboy by R. G. Belsky (26 copies)
Sasso by James Sturz (26 copies)
Moondog by Henry Garfield (26 copies)
Hwy 115 by Matthias Lehmann (24 copies)
The Ascending by T.M. Wright (22 copies)
Jumper by Richard Barth (20 copies)
Wildfire by Susan Geason (15 copies)
Mr. Right by Carolyn Banks (14 copies)
Damaged by Leslie Margolin (4 copies)