Subject: Star Trek fiction


Books Under This Subject

Spock's World by Diane Duane (1,302 copies)
Q-Squared by Peter David (1,123 copies)
The Lost Years by J. M. Dillard (1,074 copies)
Dark Mirror by Diane Duane (944 copies)
Uhura's Song by Janet Kagan (847 copies)
The Return by William Shatner (781 copies)
Best Destiny by Diane Carey (688 copies)
Dreadnought! by Diane Carey (617 copies)
Grounded by David Bischoff (567 copies)
Corona by Greg Bear (561 copies)
I, Q by John de Lancie (540 copies)
Avenger by William Shatner (535 copies)
Spectre by William Shatner (528 copies)
Pathways by Jeri Taylor (423 copies)
Preserver by William Shatner (422 copies)
Warped by K. W. Jeter (404 copies)
Dragon's Honor by Kij Johnson (395 copies)
Descent by Diane Carey (393 copies)
Fire on High by Peter David (390 copies)
Rogue Saucer by John Vornholt (377 copies)
Dark Allies by Peter David (334 copies)
Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang (304 copies)
Unity by S. D. Perry (278 copies)
Gods Above by Peter David (277 copies)
Echoes by Dean Wesley Smith (271 copies)
A Time to Kill by David Mack (260 copies)
Being Human by Peter David (260 copies)
After the Fall by Peter David (242 copies)
The Black Shore by Greg Cox (230 copies)
Broken Bow by Diane Carey (200 copies)
Vengeance by Dafydd ab Hugh (195 copies)
No Limits by Peter David (183 copies)
Endgame by Diane Carey (163 copies)
Daedalus by Dave Stern (150 copies)
Twist of Faith by S. D. Perry (137 copies)
Shockwave by Paul Ruditis (131 copies)
The Expanse by J. M. Dillard (87 copies)