Subject: Star Wars fiction


Books Under This Subject

The Last Command by Timothy Zahn (4,957 copies)
Vector Prime by R. A. Salvatore (1,760 copies)
Darksaber by Kevin J. Anderson (1,758 copies)
I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole (1,714 copies)
Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn (1,321 copies)
Rogue Planet by Greg Bear (1,256 copies)
Survivor's Quest by Timothy Zahn (1,137 copies)
Balance Point by Kathy Tyers (1,134 copies)
Star by Star by Troy Denning (1,088 copies)
Allegiance by Timothy Zahn (1,001 copies)
The Dark Rival by Jude Watson (787 copies)
The Swarm War by Troy Denning (736 copies)
Invincible by Troy Denning (721 copies)
Death Star by Michael Reaves (684 copies)
Jedi Trial by David Sherman (592 copies)
Underworld by Jude Watson (302 copies)
Hunted by Elizabeth Hand (261 copies)
A Tangled Web by Jude Watson (242 copies)
Secret Weapon by Jude Watson (202 copies)