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A women who fought for her rights because she really believed in them. 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(Susan Brownell) - 1820-1906(0) Susan B. -- (Susan Brownell)(0) Susan B. Anthony(0) Susan B. | Feminists -- United States -- Biography. | Suffragists -- United States -- Biography.(0) Susan Clinton(0) suzybook(0) tag(0) tags(0) tc(0) teacher copy(0) teachers(0) teaching(0) temp:disorganized(0) temperance. biography(0) Tenafly(0) Terrell(0) the lively(0) the Newbery Honor Award-winner and preeminent biographer for young people turns her attention to Elizabeth Cady Stanton(0) The story of the first woman to run for president.(0) the Vanderbilts(0) THEME: Women's Rights(0) Thinking talk(0) Timeline(0) to-read(0) to-read-public-library(0) tog(0) tog 3(0) TOG Y3 Classic(0) tog3(0) togy4(0) Toronto Bedroom library(0) tots5(0) trade(0) trade paperback(0) trees(0) true story(0) truth(0) turn of the century(0) U.S. History and Culture: General/Miscellaneous(0) ub(0) ul(0) uncategorized(0) unconventional spokeswoman of the woman suffrage movement. 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Brown, Olympia, 1835-1926 (2)

Abolitionists United States Biography (2)

Women social reformers United States Biography (2)

Feminists (2)

Women's rights United States Juvenile literature (2)

Feminists United States Biography Encyclopedias (1)

Duniway, Abigail (Scott) 1834-1915 (1)

Women in politics United States Biography (1)

Paul, Alice, 1885- (1)

Women Suffrage (1)

Women social reformers United States Biography Juvenile literature (1)

Woodhull, Victoria C. (Victoria Claflin), 1838-1927 Juvenile literature (1)

Women in politics United States History 19th century Juvenile literature (1)

Women Suffrage United States Juvenile literature (1)

Women Suffrage United States Bibliography (1)

Suffragists United States Study and teaching Bibliography (1)

Women United States Sources (1)

Women Suffrage Oregon (1)

League of Women Voters (U.S.) (1)

National Woman's Party History (1)

Women Suffrage History (1)

Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919 (1)

Presidential candidates United States Biography Juvenile literature (1)

Stone, Lucy, 1818-1893 Juvenile literature (1)

Women Suffrage United States Juvenile literature Bibliography (1)

Suffragists United States Bibliography (1)

Feminism United States Sources (1)

Women Suffrage United States (1)

Women's rights United States History 19th century (1)

Biography as a literary form (1)

Blatch, Harriot Stanton, 1856-1940 (1)

Gage, Matilda Joslyn, 1826-1898 (1)

Women social reformers United States Juvenile literature (1)

Presidents United States Election 1872 Juvenile literature (1)

Anthony, Susan Brownell, 1820-1906 Juvenile fiction (1)

Suffragists United States Bibliography (1)

Women Suffrage United States Study and teaching Bibliography (1)

Women United States Suffrage Bibliography (1)

Women Oregon History (1)

Prohibition (1)

Women's rights United States (1)

Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947 (1)

Milholland, Inez (1)

Women United States Juvenile literature (1)

Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919 Juvenile literature (1)

Women's rights United States History Juvenile literature (1)

Political campaigns United States History 19th century Juvenile literature (1)

Suffragists United States Study and teaching Bibliography (1)

Women United States Study and teaching Bibliography (1)

Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906 Encyclopedias (1)

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Suffragists United States Biography (15 works)

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