Subject: Supernatural Fiction


Books Under This Subject

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (38,981 copies)
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (21,349 copies)
Coraline by Neil Gaiman (19,360 copies)
City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare (14,106 copies)
Duma Key by Stephen King (7,978 copies)
Rebel Angels by Libba Bray (5,593 copies)
Tithe by Holly Black (5,578 copies)
Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce (5,470 copies)
Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin (4,601 copies)
Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce (4,433 copies)
Lucinda's Secret by Holly Black (3,021 copies)
The Fire Within by Chris d'Lacey (2,614 copies)
The Wish List by Eoin Colfer (2,321 copies)
The Naming by Alison Croggon (2,317 copies)
Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz (2,152 copies)
Icefire by Chris d'Lacey (2,074 copies)
Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan (2,047 copies)
Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay (1,940 copies)
Fire Star by Chris d'Lacey (1,912 copies)
Monster by Frank Peretti (1,887 copies)
Last Call by Tim Powers (1,780 copies)
The Golem by Gustav Meyrink (1,752 copies)
Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy (1,665 copies)
The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint (1,597 copies)
Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz (1,525 copies)
The Riddle by Alison Croggon (1,490 copies)
The Quest by Wilbur Smith (1,415 copies)
Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card (1,412 copies)
Clockwork by Philip Pullman (1,382 copies)
Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz (1,238 copies)
The Crow by Alison Croggon (1,168 copies)
The Fury by L. J. Smith (1,151 copies)
Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card (1,056 copies)
Wormwood by G. P. Taylor (946 copies)
Pig Island by Mo Hayder (908 copies)
Vicious Circle by Mike Carey (836 copies)
Devilish by Maureen Johnson (799 copies)
Mary Reilly by Valerie Martin (769 copies)
Territory by Emma Bull (730 copies)
The Homing by John Saul (689 copies)
Fade by Robert Cormier (665 copies)
The Devouring by Simon Holt (542 copies)
The Various by Steve Augarde (506 copies)
Night Shade by Lynne Ewing (484 copies)
Faerie Lord by Herbie Brennan (430 copies)
Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith (424 copies)
The Sacrifice by Lynne Ewing (420 copies)
Clay by David Almond (413 copies)
The Prophecy by Lynne Ewing (411 copies)
Phantom by Christopher Pike (402 copies)
Dingo by Charles de Lint (398 copies)
Demon Angel by Meljean Brook (394 copies)
Moon Demon by Lynne Ewing (391 copies)
The Lost One by Lynne Ewing (386 copies)
Possession by Lynne Ewing (378 copies)
Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler (367 copies)
Curfew by Phil Rickman (364 copies)
Owl In Love by Patrice Kindl (359 copies)
The Between by Tananarive Due (356 copies)
The Talisman by Lynne Ewing (341 copies)
Dust by Arthur Slade (327 copies)
The Haunting by Margaret Mahy (325 copies)
The Becoming by Lynne Ewing (324 copies)
Prince of Ice by Emma Holly (304 copies)
Darkside by Tom Becker (303 copies)
The Choice by Lynne Ewing (302 copies)
Bonechiller by Graham McNamee (302 copies)
Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan (296 copies)
Unreal! by Paul Jennings (291 copies)
The Summoning by Lynne Ewing (215 copies)
Alraune by Hanns Heinz Ewers (210 copies)
Waking Lazarus by T. L. Hines (201 copies)
Alchemy by Margaret Mahy (200 copies)
Undone! by Paul Jennings (199 copies)
Incubus by Ann Arensberg (184 copies)
Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (165 copies)
Little Sister by Kara Dalkey (164 copies)
Barbarian by Lynne Ewing (162 copies)
Accursed by Amber Benson (155 copies)
Melusine by Lynne Reid Banks (141 copies)
Escape by Lynne Ewing (133 copies)
Hell Phone by William Sleator (128 copies)
Blackbriar by William Sleator (128 copies)
Follow Me Down by Julie Hearn (126 copies)
Fearless by Robin Parrish (119 copies)
Night Sun by Lynne Ewing (112 copies)
Outcast by Lynne Ewing (112 copies)
The Fetch by Chris Humphreys (98 copies)
Epoch by Timothy Carter (94 copies)
Foxspell by Lian Hearn (85 copies)
Redwork by Michael Bedard (82 copies)
Submerged by Alton Gansky (76 copies)
The Chaos King by Laura Ruby (75 copies)
Stones by William Bell (71 copies)
Restless by Rich Wallace (52 copies)
Pig Tale by Verlyn Flieger (51 copies)
Louisiana by Erna Brodber (42 copies)
January by Daniel Parker (35 copies)
February by Daniel Parker (28 copies)
April by Daniel Parker (27 copies)
March by Daniel Parker (26 copies)
June by Daniel Parker (23 copies)
July by Daniel Parker (19 copies)
Tripswitch by Gaelyn Gordon (18 copies)
September by Daniel Parker (18 copies)
August by Daniel Parker (17 copies)
November by Daniel Parker (17 copies)
October by Daniel Parker (17 copies)
Ghost Train by Jess Mowry (14 copies)
Watersmeet by Nancy Garden (6 copies)
Black Sister by Ken Catran (4 copies)